Dear HAWT,

I’ve now been in my forever home over 2 months now and thought I’d let you know how I am.

I love my food and I’m growing up to be quite a big boy and I can’t believe how busy I’ve been, I’ve met so many new people and other dogs. As I’m very sociable I thrive on it.

I regularly meet up with my dog friends and we have a good run and play in the field near where I live. I’m not sure which I love the most, playing with other dogs or chasing after my ball, both tire me out though so I always need a sleep afterwards!

Nearly every day there are knocks at my door from the children who live down my street, they always want to see me, stroke me and kiss me. I’m very popular but always make sure I’m very gentle with them and give lots of kisses back.

One of the most exciting things to happen recently is I went on holiday! Me and my owners all stayed in cottage near Whitby for a week. It was great, we were out and about all the time, I saw so many new places, new people, new dogs and got to play on the beach nearly every day too.

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