Albert Max and Rafferty




Hi Connie at HAW,


As promised here are some pictures of our 3 lionhead boys formally known as the Ninga Turtles who are now called Rafferty, Max and Albert.


They have settled in really well and are eating well – loving the garden herbs, my mum’s willow tree as well as their greens and pellets. We’re all getting into a routine.


They have spent a lot of time in their run outside. We enjoyed watching them chasing each other and leaping last night. They are very active in their house too and like sitting on the carpeted roof of their bedroom looking out the window. They keep their bed really clean are mostly using the litter trays which is great.


They have been handled regularly but not too much. They are very affectionate. The children have enjoyed cuddles on their knees but are learning that the rabbits need their own space. We let Max run freely for a bit on Sunday and he ran around then into his house!


Thanks for all your advice – it’s been really helpful. I am taking them to the vets on Friday to get them checked over and registered.


We couldn’t be happier with them and are pleased at how well they have settled.


Many thanks and best wishes Jane

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