Happy Endings



Here are stories about some of our animals that have found new loving homes after a bad start in life or have lost their previous homes due to unforeseen circumstances.


If you have adopted one of our animals, whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, rat, mouse, gerbil or hamster, please do share their happy ending stories with us.


Send a photo with the story of where your animal came from (if known) and about it’s new life and we will add it to the list below.

PS Whilst we love stories about our cats and dogs, come on you small animal keepers, we want to hear from you too!!!!




      Hi everyone at HAWT, remember me the rescue puppy from Greece. I am now settled with my new family and big brother Bailey. I love to run… Read more >>


      Hello, my new name is Millie. I just want to tell you how happy and excited I am living with my new mum and dad ! I… Read more >>


      Hello to you all at HAWT..     I came to you from Greece just before Christmas and came to my new home Christmas eve...    … Read more >>

Trevor and Nancy

      Hi everyone at the trust since we picked up our most unlikely couple from you just before Christmas things have gone exceptionally well and both Trevor and… Read more >>


      We adopted Fergus (was Stanley) in October 2018 and loved him from the moment we met him. He’s settled in really well and we can’t imagine being… Read more >>


      Hello ...my name is Oliver but my family call me "Ollie". I am a Patterdale Terrier cross who found my new family on 25th November, 2018.  … Read more >>

Jasper and Tootsie

      Hello, I adopted JASPER AND TOOTSIE a few weeks ago and wanted to let you know that they have settled in really well and are having fun… Read more >>


      Here's our little man.  Doing fine.  Trying to socialise him.  Love him to bits he follows me all over.  Best wishe, Irene . Read more >>


Pebble came to us as his owner was moving to a new property where the landlord wouldn't allow dogs. He can be nervous around new people but once he gets… Read more >>


      Hi. My name is Shaunie, you gave me this name and my new family kept it. I thought you would like to know that I am now… Read more >>


      Hello, my name is Frank (Frankie to my friends).  Well it’s been quite a journey from Romania to leafy Kirk Ella. I don’t know quite how I… Read more >>

Walter an Lottie

      Lottie and Walter one year on. Having a relaxing time after a busy day. Jo and Steve Read more >>


      Dear HAWT - following our visit to your annual open day, we thought we’d share an update on the ‘real’ Max. We adopted Max in January 2016,… Read more >>


      We rescued Bella from Hull Animal Welfare Trust in June of this year, She instantly settled in to family life! She is 2 yrs old and is… Read more >>


      We got our dog Jack (known as Derrick to HAW) back in October 2005 as he was a stray.   We got him as our family wasn’t complete… Read more >>


      Hello everyone. Just wanted to say how happy I am in my new home with my new Mum and Dad. I also have a new name, Lola,… Read more >>


      Dear all at Hull Animal Welfare   We’re not sure if anyone would remember (you’ll have seen 1000’s of dogs since) but back in August 2005 we… Read more >>


      Just had too send this first time ever sat on my knee having cuddles I just love my Milly bobs xxxx Read more >>


      Havana lives in the same home as Millie and Dillon, she too enjoys the sunshine Read more >>

Millie and Dillon

      Two of our cats in their new home, Milly and Dillon enjoying the sunshine Read more >>


      After getting my dog Maisie I’ve felt so much happier and I think she has too I’m not sure she likes the bird though !!! She loves… Read more >>


      Charlie...adopted 4th February 2018..thank you so much..he's adorable  Jane Read more >>

Lucy and Peggy

      Hello, 2 years ago we adopted “Lucy” after we lost our young cat, Hank, due to illness at a very young age. His Sister, Peggy, was besides… Read more >>


      2 years and one week since Toby adopted us!! He still likes sunbathing in his garden. What an adorable dog. Wouldn’t be without him. 💜 Katie Read more >>


      Hello HAWT!     Just a quick message regarding Roxie (or Beth as she was previously known!)     We adopted Rox from you in March 2018.… Read more >>

Cate and Brianna

      Hello lovely cat carers, just wanted to send some love from renamed Cate and Brianna.  They’ve settled in a treat since getting them at the beginning of… Read more >>


      Hello all at HAW, we came to you in May 2017 looking for a friend for our 3 year old Jack Russell after sadly losing our beautiful… Read more >>


      Hello I re homed Kitty a black and white female in September 2016 from Southcave.  She was a very timid puss alone in her cage.  I had… Read more >>


      Hi, my name was Diesel but I'm now called Rusty. I have settled in very well in my new home. Walks every day, plenty of cuddles and… Read more >>


      Hunter has settled in well and loving his new home. Simon Read more >>


      We rehomed Sam (previously known as Sailor) in August 2001 when he was 8 months old. Here he is with his companion, Millie, Sam is the black… Read more >>


      Hi, I adopted a German Shepherd on July 23rd 2017 called Rebel. His name was changed to Loki (the God of mischief and it really suits him!)… Read more >>

Rufus Snowy

      Rufus Snowy has settled in well becoming part of our family straight away. He has soon lent the meaning of snacks and it is a race of… Read more >>


          Sadly our beautiful German Shepherd Zara who we adopted from you nearly 12 years ago had to be put to sleep last Thursday.  She was… Read more >>


      Hi it's been 4 years to the day (7th March) we adopted Stella so thought we would send a few pictures to show you how well she… Read more >>

Macey’s Story

      Sadly Macey is no longer with us but she had seven good years with Chris and Chas :     Hi there, just sending you this photo… Read more >>

Theo and Tess

      Good Afternoon, I have been meaning to write and give you an update on Theo and Tess,  two black cats we adopted back in early September 2017.… Read more >>

Oscar and Ziggy

      Hi all, this is an update on Ziggy (previously known as Zee). Ziggy has settled into our household really well, it did take him a while but… Read more >>

George and Rebus

      Hi, its George and Rebus’ 1 year gotcha day tomorrow (13th Feb 2018) and they are settled in very well. They settled in pretty much straight away… Read more >>

Broxi Bear

      Bear - Now Broxi Bear     Bear has been with us over a month now and settled in almost immediately. He is a now Glasgow Rangers… Read more >>


      Hi, I thought HAWT might appreciate an update on one of your former residents, a Romanian rescue, this is Rudi and Nancy cuddling up in the motor… Read more >>


      All I can say is Marley has been brilliant since day one. He used to sleep in the front room, but after we got another duvet we… Read more >>

Rebel and Symbol

      To the center staff, it has been a year today since we took ownership of Rebel & Symbol, who you may better remember as Crispin and Cormack.… Read more >>


      Our lovely cat Joan, celebrating her second Christmas with us after coming to us from South Cave in the summer of 2016. She looks rather grumpy but… Read more >>


      Hello. When I arrived st the centre they called me Ribbon. Along came two lovely people who were looking for a cat like me, independent and a… Read more >>


      As you can see by the fourth night in his new home Cookie (was Mike) is still having trouble relaxing (not).  Merry Xmas.  Niall and Gail Read more >>

Daisy and Poppy

      Merry Christmas to all at HAW from Daisy and Poppy.  We have been in our new home since April 2017 and we would just like to let… Read more >>

Finley and Poppy

      Hi, just an update on Finley we adopted back in July 2013.  He’s a mega chilled out bunny and loves his pampered life along with Poppy. He’s… Read more >>

Sweetpea and Lilley

      Hi, we recently adopted two bunnies, Mel and Geri (re-named Sweetpea and Lilley) They have bonded really well with our other rescue bunny Sooty.  He was also… Read more >>


    Toby (on back of sofa) joined our family in January 2017 after the death of our very much loved 'Lady', she was about sixteen and left an enormous… Read more >>

Lottie and her boy Walter

      Dear HAWT, here are Lottie and her boy Walter (formerly Lucas), now four and a half months. They have settled in wonderfully well. The are very happy… Read more >>


      To everyone at Hull Animal Welfare, just thought we'd give you a little update on Simba and send you some photo's of him. From the moment we… Read more >>


      Well, hello everyone at HAWT – Mitch here.     You may remember that I was adopted back in July and I’ve been meaning to get in… Read more >>


      Hi All.  Just an update to let you know how I am getting on.     My name is Bobby, or better known now as Bob now. … Read more >>


      It is with great sadness we send this to you.  Do you remember Bella the bearded lady who came to her forever home with us in July… Read more >>


      It is with a heavy heart that I send this. Roly came to his forever home eight years ago...... he has been well loved and had a… Read more >>


      Hi. We got our cat from you approx 18 years ago . We called her Pebbles . She was about 6 weeks old and had found in… Read more >>


      Some of our cats prove not to be suitable for a domestic household, Havana was one of them, she was rehomed to a small holding, here's what… Read more >>


      Hey! I'm Toby 😊 I came to Hull Animal Welfare with my friend Annie on July 25th 2017. My owners were moving house & didn't take us… Read more >>


      Kingsley, Adopted Feb 2017 Here is a photo of Kingsley, now named Haribo (Harry). Harry lives with my daughter and I and our young Labrador Dolly. Harry… Read more >>


      My name is Cindy I'm eleven came to my new home in a caravan near Withensea 12 months ago although I'm a senior dog I love to… Read more >>


      Hi, this is an update on Ziggy (originally named Zee). We adopted Ziggy in August 2017, he was very timid when we first got him and spent… Read more >>

Molly and Ruby

        This is Molly and Ruby (Roma and Cicely) the little semi ferals we adopted on the 28th July....... they have settled in nicely, Ruby has come… Read more >>


      We collected Max (Marcus) on 28th December 2006, a 9 month old puppy whose previous owner was no longer able to take care of him. I’ll always… Read more >>


      Had Lola just over a year now so friendly with people and her doggie mates happy smiley face Read more >>


      Well Asha was allowed out today! Yay! She is exploring while the rain has stopped. Still seems very happy and settled and had her first vets visit… Read more >>


      This is "Billie" (now known as Poppy) who we adopted last September (2016). She was very timid and skittish back then and very very reluctant to come… Read more >>


      Hi, thought you might like to see Boris. He's great off the lead now, he'll wait for us if he walks too far in front. He loves… Read more >>


      Just a big thank you for providing the dog we got from you in August 2002 (she was about 7-8months old then) although not in the best… Read more >>


      Hi, this is Ruby who we adopted in May 2017. She's settled in so well, she's been an absolute dream and we couldn't love her any more.… Read more >>


      I thought you might enjoy a photo of River who we adopted from you October 2014 - she's a very happy little girl, although she keeps me… Read more >>


      Sisco holiday with me and my parents to Keldy Forest which he loved. Also been to Dalby forest a couple of times. Den Read more >>


      Hi, do you remember Baby! We adopted her on 22 December 2015, she has turned out to be a gorgeous puss, I know when we got her… Read more >>


      Hi everyone at Hull Animal Welfare Trust,     I just thought I'd send you a photo of Mary, who I adopted in February 2017 and let… Read more >>


      Hi, Hull Animal Welfare Trust. We wanted to update you on Phoebe (who used to be Amy) who we adopted from you late last year. She's really… Read more >>

Dillon and Milly

      Milly and Dillon enjoying breakfast, Dillon also came from Hull Animal Welfare Trust he's lived here for about 4 years now they are both very happy.  Deborah… Read more >>


      Hi, just an update on Bongo who we got 6 weeks ago at the end of April 2017. Bongo has settled in amazingly well. He's an affectionate… Read more >>


      This is Ellie, a distressed older lady when we took her on in January. What a character she is! a piranha in disguise. she has settled in… Read more >>

Dexter, an update

      It will be four years since we met and re-homed dear, loving Dexter in a few days. He continues to be a delight. He has had some… Read more >>

Kia and Sasha

      Hi we got Kia and Sasha from you in September 2014. This is an updated picture of them with their baby sister Ava who is 8 and… Read more >>


      Enjoying my new home thanks for looking after me keep up the the good work love to you all XX Read more >>


      Boris Chillin with his sister after hard playtime in the garden,  they both get on well n love to play, he's fit right in, and seems happy… Read more >>


      Hello, just thought we would send you a message and let you know how Lola is getting on, she's settled in great and has definitely made herself… Read more >>


      Hi there, I just thought I'd update you on Juke now called Juka who we adopted in December last year. He settled down really quickly and is… Read more >>


      Hi, I adopted Jack two weeks before Christmas 2016 and he's settled in and made himself right at home. He's an incredibly loveable and friendly dog who… Read more >>


      Hello, I thought we would send you an update on our sweet rescue cat Joan who came to us in August 2016. The whole family love her,… Read more >>


      Hello, just wanted to let you know that Alfie has settled in really well.... feels like he's always been here! He seems very content and is loving… Read more >>


      Good afternoon!  Just wanted to give you a quick update on Charlie, the American Bulldog. We adopted Charlie from you a year ago today! Time sure does… Read more >>


      Milly here, look how relaxed I am down at the stables and here's me and mum enjoying a scratch in the straw barn Read more >>


      Meet Frank.  Frank was the runt of the litter. He was very shy and slightly feral – always hissing and hiding away in the pen. He wouldn’t… Read more >>

Bob and Barley

      Hi, meet Bob and Barley – 2 very very special bunnies.     Bob is blind and deaf and Barley is his partner in crime always looking… Read more >>

Simon, Theodore and Alvin!

      Meet Simon, Theodore and Alvin!   3 rescue hamsters I took from you.  At the time you were undated with hamsters and Holly B required assistance homing them.… Read more >>


      I would like to give my story to you about ‘Betty’ the kitten I fostered from you back in September last year and then decided to keep… Read more >>


      Got Lola April 2016 made herself right at home loves all her new friends and her play ground Read more >>


      We sometimes take on cats that are definitely not easy to re-home, Milly was one of them.  Whilst in our care she would bite and scratch anyone… Read more >>


      Hi, just wanted to let you know how Poppy is doing (we adopted her in April 2016), she settled in really well and is enjoying being with… Read more >>


      Angela, your manager, brought Sassy (formerly Lassie) to stay at our house four weeks ago - we had viewed her the week before. We were not sure… Read more >>


      Hi, when I was with you back June 2013, I was called Rosie, my name now is Pip. My surrogate mum Roxy, was quite sad as her… Read more >>


      Here is Oliver in his favourite place - as close to the fire as he can get!! He has settled really well and everybody loves him especially… Read more >>


      Hello, my name is Harvey, I came from HAWT when I was 18 months old, they said I was uncontrollable, don't know what that meant. I was… Read more >>


      Hi Dora here, just to let you know I have settled really well in my new home.  I've been on lots of long walks, been out for… Read more >>


      We adopted Muffin in May 2016, and he settled into his home instantly. He is an affectionate and loving cat. We couldn't imagine life without him in… Read more >>


      Dear HAWT We got Kiya on 7 October 2016 so I just thought I’d send you some photos of her settling in at home, out enjoying her… Read more >>


      Dear HAWT,     We rehomed Jake on 2nd January 2010. For those that still remember Jake he was obsessed with toys and always keen to play.… Read more >>

Teddy and Rolo

      Little Teddy and Rolo (we changed her name from Toffifee) munching happily away.  They've been best buds for nearly six months now. Thanks for giving these little… Read more >>

Skye and Bengy

    Thought you might like an update on Skye one of the puppies born December 2014 and Bengy the rescue dog that came to you just before Christmas 2015.… Read more >>


      My name is Wally, I was adopted by my mam and dad 2 years ago.     I am very spoilt and love to be given treats… Read more >>

Comet’s Story

      Comet must have been one of our longest staying dogs if not the longest, he came to us in November 2012 and stayed almost three years. We… Read more >>


      This is just a little update on Oscar. We adopted Oscar in November 2015, he was originally named Jo.  He keeps us all entertained with his funny… Read more >>


      Hi All. We adopted Simba two months ago and he's settled in so well.  He's a very loving dog and never tires of stokes and cuddles.  He's… Read more >>

Murphy – Our Happy Ending Story

      We got Murphy in July 2015, he was aged just under 3 years old and he had clearly never lived in a home before, he was worried… Read more >>


      Here's a photo of the lovely Joan she is settling in well and has cheered our family up no end after sadly losing our other cat.  The… Read more >>


      Hi, we adopted Lady from you in April 2016, it was love at first and even though she had a reputation when she was with you for… Read more >>


      To all Hull Animal Welfare     I have settled now in to my new home with Mark, I love sitting on the window sill and watch… Read more >>


      Hello. This is a picture of Toby - relaxing in his garden! He came to us in May and he's fitted in perfectly. Full of mischief and… Read more >>


      Hi, hope you are all well. It's been a while since I've been in touch and thought I would let you know how Meowth is getting on.… Read more >>

Dexter. An update

      Dear All, you remember Dexter. We rehomed him from you three years ago and he has now matured into a gorgeous loving cat. We thought that you… Read more >>


      Honey (was Chloe) sept 2014 update. This April Honey got a friend we've taken on a second Golden Retriever called Bob. His family has emigrated to Australia… Read more >>


      Hi My name is Reggie although I used to known as Charlie. I’ve been in my forever home for a year now and my life has changed… Read more >>


      Hi, we adopted a cat called Smokey from yourselves 9 months ago. She was very timid due to having to be up for adoption as her owners… Read more >>


      Hello! Just wanted to update you on Charlie! In only a week he has settled right in; you'd think he had been here for years! He is… Read more >>


      Hi there, my names Tabitha, back in August 2015 my husband and I adopted a small kitten called Olly. We fell in love with him straight away.… Read more >>


      I adopted Peter, who was a stray, in February. Peter (now named Bobby!) is doing great! He and my rabbit Pudding are the best of friends and… Read more >>


      Hello HAWT, we've had Max six weeks or so now and I'm pleased to report that he has well and truly settled in. He is such a… Read more >>


      We got Charlotte (now Amber) in August 2015. Amber has settled into her new home and is such a beautiful little girl. Amber loves all her home… Read more >>


      We adopted Millie (originally Tina) who had been abandoned with her siblings in Manchester as puppies. She was 4 months then and we have had her now… Read more >>

Pippa and Phoebe

      Hi, update on Pippa & Phoebe:  Pippa has filled out she was so slim and is still a very caring mummy. She's still very friendly and regularly… Read more >>


      Hi, we rehomed Bea on Sunday 24 Jan and we renamed her Millie. She is a real treat and is settling in incredibly well…her little paws are… Read more >>

Rosie and Connie

      Hello to everybody at HAWT, just to let you know I am happily settled in with my new family.  My name is Connie now, I was Jangle… Read more >>


      Hi, just wanted to send in a message about our lovely pup Holly!  She came to live with us just less than three years ago after being… Read more >>


      Hi, we have had James (Chester James) a year today 4th february 2016.  He is doing great and he wanted to let you know.  He spends all… Read more >>


      This is little Snowy, which I got from you, now called Georgie, after a busy day with Dougal. Read more >>

Cassie and Stella

      Hi, Cassie and Stella are really enjoying life by the sea. We adopted the girls a few years ago now, after sadly, their owner had lost his… Read more >>


      We got our puppy from Hull Animal Welfare last year and she has come on leaps and bounds since. Roxy gets along with everyone she meets and… Read more >>

Charlie and Lilly

      We left you in October and thought that we would put paw to keyboard and let you all know how we are doing. We settled into our… Read more >>

Minnie and Pippy

      I was rehomed in August from Hull Animal Welfare along with my kitten. We are mother and daughter and we wanted to stay together. We were named… Read more >>


    Hi I got Billie from you 5 years ago come March. He will be 10 on the 19th May . I can’t begin to tell you how much… Read more >>


      Hi there, I adopted Cilla the Greyhound from you in October 2015 and just thought I would let you know how she is getting on. She has… Read more >>


      This is Joe but we changed his name to Oscar. We got him from the Hull Animal Welfare centre in November 2015. He's a lovely little boy… Read more >>


      Dear Hull Animal Welfare,     I am writing to tell you how well Blackie is doing, he quickly settled in and has become part of the… Read more >>


      Hello,  I am just messaging with regards to Terry the terrier mix, who is now named Zak, that we adopted around 4 months ago and his progress.… Read more >>

Chazz and Kia

      I have been with my mam and dad for 7 years and now I have a play mate called Kia she is 7 going on 2, thank… Read more >>

Biffy and Casper

      Hi we gave Biffy and Casper their forever home last Xmas, here are our happy little piggies one year on. Merry Xmas!! Read more >>


      Hi Guys, hope you are all well. Buzz says hi, his previous name was Buttons.  We got him from yourselves about a year and half ago.  I… Read more >>


      Just wanted to say Poppy has settled soooooooo well , she has well and truly made herself at home with us, we all love her so much,… Read more >>


      Here is Buster the Staffy looking very comfy in his new home, yes I'm afraid that is my bed!  Within half an hour of getting him home… Read more >>


      Hi, around 2 months ago we were lucky enough to adopt Zena a 9 year old German Shepherd.     Zena came to us when she was… Read more >>


      Dear HAW, thank you for letting Barbara and Peter adopt me. Since moving in with them my life has been one big adventure. So far I've been… Read more >>


      Tigger (was Simba)     Hi all at Hull Animal Welfare, we came and adopted Simba, who was originally with his sister Jaz, I saw on your… Read more >>


      Today is a very sad day. We have just said goodbye to our wonderful Guiness. We rescued him from you when he was 6 months old, he… Read more >>


      Hi everyone at HAWT.  I used to be called Jane but my new owner renamed me Bella. Although I quickly settled in my new home, Charlie (my… Read more >>


      Ella (was Jaz)     Jaz and Simba came into HAWT together. Simba found a new home but staff say that Jaz spent her time hissing, biting… Read more >>


      Hi this is Ruby from East Field Estate Roos.we have had her now for nearly one year. Here she is sitting in her favourite place on the… Read more >>

Kia and Sasha

      Hi there, just an update on Kia and Sasha we have had them 13 months now and they have settled so well into our home. Myself and… Read more >>


      We adopted Pluto just over a year ago now and we thought we would let you know how he is doing! As you can see he has… Read more >>


      Hi, we became the proud owners of Minnie approximately 17.10.2004. Minnie is a petite female grey and white cat.  Minnie is still very active and lives up… Read more >>


      Fen has been with us 3 years now though it doesn't seem that long. He's still boisterous and full of fun, loves chasing around on the beach… Read more >>

Sandy and Smudge

      Hi, We adopted Sandy (formerly known as Flash) from you in June 2014. She had been neglected and had a pretty rubbish start to life. We adopted… Read more >>


      Hello HAWT, We just wanted to say thank you for letting us adopt Toby.  He has now been with us for 4 weeks and is settling in… Read more >>


      Hello to everyone at HAWT, just wanted to let you all know that I’ve really settled down in my new home, made friends straight away with my… Read more >>


      Do you remember Jedward ! He came to join our family 2 years ago and is living the life of luxury! He has one passion in life… Read more >>


      Hi there.  I don't know if you remember me. I used to be called Chilli but now my new mum and dad have given me a new… Read more >>


      Hello to everyone at the Trust.....   I’m sorry its taking me so long to write to you, But I am having such a good time in… Read more >>

Faye and Lola

      Hello HAW, we just wanted to let you all know that Faye and Lola are settling in really well in their new forever home.  With the helpful… Read more >>

Mia and Maisie

      Hi Everyone Just an update on two of Eleanor's kittens: Ellen and Emma who are now Mia and Maisie.  They are 5 months old now and haven't… Read more >>


      Hi HAWT We just wanted to send some pics to let you know how Jade is doing; we adopted Jade on 3rd June 2015 when our cat… Read more >>

Albert Max and Rafferty

      Hi Connie at HAW,   As promised here are some pictures of our 3 lionhead boys formally known as the Ninga Turtles who are now called Rafferty,… Read more >>


      Dear Friends at Hull Animal Welfare   Here I am with my new step brother Monty, as you can see he is looking after me very well.… Read more >>

Ben and Patch

      Hi to all at HAW We visited your kennels at the beginning of July 2015 with the view of adopting another Jack Russell as a companion to… Read more >>

Bobby and Penny

      Hello, we just wanted to let you know that our two lovely companions, Bobby and Penny, who came to us from Hull Animal Welfare in 2008, have… Read more >>


      In 2010 on October 31st we got ourselves a lovely little long haired Jack Russell from you. His name then was Toby and we changed it to… Read more >>


      Roxy in her forever home and our hearts forever. Read more >>


      Hi all at HAW     We have had Arnie now six months he is doing great completely settled in, my constant shadow sleeps next to my… Read more >>


      Hello! My name is Luna, but when I lived at Hull Animal Welfare I was known as Sandra.   I’ve lived with my Mum and Dad for… Read more >>

Mia and Maisie

      Hi to you all,   Just an update for you about 2 of Eleanor's kittens: Ellen and Emma   We have re-named them Mia and Maisie (b&w)… Read more >>

Spike (Angus)

      We adopted 3 year old Angus from you on April 10th 2002. He was a large Pointer cross and had been waiting for a new home for… Read more >>


      Hello all at HAWT,   Rocky here!   I want to say a massive thank you for all you did for me in your care, but I am… Read more >>

Zak and Bobby

      Hi just though we would let you know how Zak the Beagle his getting on after he as been with us a year and what a year… Read more >>


      Since adopting Honey (was Chloe) in September 2014 we've all enjoyed a new lease of life. She's a lovely dog someone must have been heartbroken to part… Read more >>


      Just a note after having Louie the chocolate Lab for a month now, we have just returned from five days in Hampshire to see our new grandson,… Read more >>


        Just a photo to update you about Jake, we absolutely love him, he's the best thing to happen to us in years.  Our life now evolves… Read more >>


      We adopted Fluffy from the trust as our rabbit Smudge seemed so lonely in his own. We wanted a rabbit the same size and when we came… Read more >>

Harvey and Bella

      Just thought I would message you with an update on our two dogs adopted from you!   Harvey, formerly Earl, adopted July 2007 and Bella, formerly Beverley,… Read more >>


      Hi to all at HAW We visited the kennels in South cave in January 2013 and came away with Ben who was 18 months old. Ben stole… Read more >>


      Hi there,  just a note to say `thank you` for allowing us to adopt 8 year old Jem, she`s a real sweetie, very affectionate and we love… Read more >>


      Two years ago we came to you looking for a character cat to replace our 19 year old friend. We thought that this would take some time,… Read more >>


      Hi, we thought we would update you on how well Ollie has settled in since we adopted him in April.  Ollie was sent to you because he'd… Read more >>


      Hi, its been nearly 5 months since we adopted Lenny from you. He is now called Neo. We can't make your staffie day because we are taking… Read more >>


    Hi here is an update on Missy and how well she has settled in.  From having in Missy she has settled very well with us all and our… Read more >>


    Dear Hull Animal Welfare Trust   Please find attached a photo' of Hugo, who we renamed Laurie and adopted 12 weeks' ago.   Laurie is settling with us… Read more >>


    Brandon came to our home last November. He settled down really well and we soon learnt how lovable a Staffie is. He learnt how to settle on the… Read more >>


    We adopted Maggie (previously Pinky) at the end of November. She was very withdrawn and unsure of herself when she first arrived (even to the point of us… Read more >>


    Hi, we adopted a kitten from you in November last year. He was previously called Sedan, now Puddy or 'Ginger Ninja' and was one of a litter of… Read more >>


    Just a brief update and a couple, out of the many, lovely photos we have of Russell, our Lakeland Terrier with a curved spine   We adopted Russell… Read more >>


      Hi, just to let you know Leo has settled extremely well!  Would you believe that this picture was taken in his first week with us! He actually… Read more >>


    Just to let you know Buster has well and truly settled in, his best friend is Hollie who he loves playing with and even Arthur has come out… Read more >>

Kia and Sasha

    I adopted Kia and Sasha with my partner Nigel in September.  Here are some pictures for your happy endings Catherine Read more >>


      Hi just thought we would send you a picture of Ruby who we got from you last November, as you can see she is turning into a… Read more >>


  To All at HAW, I just wanted to email to thank you all so much for our beautiful boy, Bobbie (was Merlot). He was one of four black kittens… Read more >>


      Just to let you know that Norah (now Molly) has settled in her new home.   She is lovely natured, enjoys her long walks and cuddles. We always… Read more >>


  Thank you for Stella, she is a wonderful dog. Thought you might like a few one year on photos.  Tristan Read more >>


  Here is our girl Molly who we adopted in 2010. We live in the seaside town of Bridlington and she loves her walks on the beach. She really is… Read more >>

Cassie and Millie

    Cassie our dearly loved Jack Russell/Patterdale cross was born in Hull Animal Welfare on 7 March 1996. Her parents Millie and Rufus (Nipper) were already in HAW.  We… Read more >>

Ezzy, Dodger, Alfie and Sunny

Hi, We adopted Ezzy from Hull animal welfare nearly 3 years ago and she has always been a loving cat to us but very nervous of others. Then we introduced… Read more >>


Today has not been such a happy ending, but the past 7 years has been a remarkable journey with our dog Buster. I would just like to say a huge… Read more >>


      We thought you might like to see how our gorgeous puppy Milly has settled in to our family. She was one of a litter and we fell… Read more >>


      We got little Esme from you in June 2014. Wanted to let you know she is doing great! If I was to say we adore her would… Read more >>


Hi this is Ruby, we adopted Ruby in 2011/2012 from South Cave who was with her sister Esmeè but unfortunately they got separated before we got Ruby. When we first… Read more >>


We thought we’d share this lovely photo of Winston who we adopted a while ago from HAWT. He’s settled in fine and loves his peanut butter! Read more >>


Badger came for a weekend visit in early April 2007 and has been with us ever since. Badger will be 14 this April and has had her ups and downs… Read more >>


I thought I would drop you a line and let you know how our rabbit Arthur is doing. He came to us from Hull Animal Welfare Trust last April and… Read more >>


Hi This is Piper whom my mum and dad adopted from you, we thought you'd like some pictures to see her progress.  She is an absolute joy and has brought… Read more >>


Dear All, Dennis was found in a box in the Avenues with two other barely weaned kittens. He was with you, at the centre for 8 months.  He's been with… Read more >>

Jack and Diego

Dear Team at the Hull Animal Welfare Trust, I thought I would send you a few photos of Jack and Diego to let you know they are doing well and… Read more >>


Happy New Year from my new home in Scarborough. I moved here in November 2014 and now live with my new owners and their terrier Patch (my best friend) we… Read more >>


Just like to say a huge thank you to you all for looking after our lovely pup and for letting us have him he is truly a pleasure to have… Read more >>


Hi All Murphy wishes everyone at HAWT all the best for 2015. As you can see, Murphy has grown into a magnificent, contented adult boxer. He has finally managed to… Read more >>


Merry Christmas to everyone, I'm looking forward to my first Christmas in my new home. I have settled well and enjoying long walks by the river, caravan holidays and playing… Read more >>

Thomas (Tommy) and Patch

RIP to our beloved “Tommy” - in memory of our gorgeous boy who left us in November 2013: We adopted Thomas, a 5-year-old Jack Russell cross on 2nd January 2012.… Read more >>

Suzi and Fly

Hello All, We hope you are well. It's been a while since we've been in touch, so I thought we'd say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all… Read more >>


Hi everyone my name is Jaffa I was adopted a month ago I have settled into my new home.  I go for walks regular I play a lot my owners… Read more >>


Hi this is Jerry, we adopted him a year ago this month (Dec 2013), he has settled into the family so well and is now a part of our family.… Read more >>


Hi Just wanted to update you on our new addition Summer, now called Dolly. We visited HAWT after our black cat Millie (previously Dusky), who we adopted from you, passed… Read more >>


I felt compelled to send some piccies and a little write up about our gorgeous girl! Does anyone remember her? Tinsel (then Mitzi) came to live with us on 27th… Read more >>


Just thought I'd forward this photo of Rupert 3 months on. Love him to bits even when he wakes me up at 1am in the morning to play ball Julie… Read more >>


Hi all, We just wanted to let you know how Lincoln has settled onto his new home with us. He came to live with us in October 2012 and has… Read more >>


Jaffa or Edison as you knew him came to live with us May 2009 from your shelter. He wasn’t happy in your shelter, and looked quite miserable. But we could… Read more >>


Hi. Here is our happy ending for Oscar the parsons Jack Russell X Spaniel. We adopted Oscar during January 2013. We are delighted to say that Oscar settled immediately from… Read more >>


We adopted Taz back in November 2011 and it was one of the best things our family had done. Taz was an older dog we never knew exactly how old… Read more >>


12 years ago you asked if I would fostor a 6week old pup until he had his jabs and could come into the sanctuary for re homing. That evening a… Read more >>


This is a short and sad message to inform you that our rescue cat Billy died suddenly and without warning on Friday afternoon. We re-homed him from your wonderful organisation… Read more >>


Hello, We got a dog from yourselves a little while ago – (Junior) who we have renamed Sonny. He is a lovely dog, full of mischief and very playful. He… Read more >>


Here's Hughie adopted from HAW March 2008, he is relaxing in the garden, his favourite pastime. When out walking everyone comments on how happy Hughie is. Read more >>

Emeline and Christobel

Dear HAW We collected two cats from you in May this year. I just wanted to let you know that Dee and Delilah have settled in very well to their… Read more >>

Max & Pipa

Hi, just thought you might like to see how Pipa & Max have developed in the 5 years since we rehomed them They have just returned from their holiday on… Read more >>


      Meg has settled really well with us & in her new home in Hornsea! We love her to bits     Marion and Rodger Read more >>


Hi everyone, We adopted Bessie in July 2013 and thought you would like to hear how she is getting on. We fell in love with Bessie on your website and… Read more >>

Morris Waterhouse

Morris Waterhouse RIP 13/04/13 – 09/09/13 We brought Morris home in June, a cute little puppy with a big voice and attitude! From day one he proved to be hard… Read more >>


Hi, my name is Glenis Over 17 years ago I came to South Cave with my husband to look for a puppy and found Max. He was dangly and nervous… Read more >>


Holly came to live with us in November 2011. I had always wanted a dog of my own and this was now the perfect time. We took to her as… Read more >>

Monty & Marni

Hi Just to say thank you from Monty (previous name Benson) for giving him a start in life. He and his sister Marni are wonderful kittens. Both are very loving… Read more >>


Dear HAWT, I thought I would just give you an update on Pixie who we got from yourselves at the end of August 2013. She is turning into an absolutely… Read more >>

Tom and Colleen

Our very special guinea pigs that we homed after visiting The lovely Linda!! This is Tom and Colleen… They are absolutely beautiful and they are having a fabulous spoilt life… Read more >>


In April we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to re-home two rabbits, Coriander and Chilli. They were brother and sister in a litter of four and had been… Read more >>


Just a quick update to let you know Oscar has settled in very nicely. We collected him at the end of November 2013 and he hasn’t looked back. Our existing… Read more >>


Hello HAWT, I just thought you might want an update with Pixie who we rescued back in August. She has fully settled into the household now, usually commanding all the… Read more >>


Hello friends, I have been meaning to write for a while to let you all know how I am getting on in my new home. I was adopted just before… Read more >>


We adopted Ollie in August 2012 from South Cave when he was a tiny bundle of joy, as you can see from the attached photos he’s now a big bundle… Read more >>


Hi there, We adopted Alex from you 2 weeks ago and wanted to get in touch and let you know how she’s getting on. Alex has settled in really well… Read more >>


      Thanks so much for introducing us to Felix. He’s great and he’s settled in so well it feels like we’ve known him for much longer than nearly… Read more >>


Hi there I saw the Happy Endings on your website and thought I’d send a photo of our dog Bailey who was with you in 2000. He was only around… Read more >>


Thought you might like to hear about our lovely brave boy fen who has been with us 18 months now. Last week he donated blood at Priory vets in Brid… Read more >>


What a happy, loving and beautiful dog Hazel is. Unfortunately she is still very destructive, but all is forgiven when she gives me her best smile. It’s took a while… Read more >>


Hi just an update about a dog we got from you over a year ago now. Do remember Molly. She’s made a great dog she’s the most loyal and loving… Read more >>


      This is Barney (once named Horace by you) enjoying the beach on his holiday to Cornwall! We adopted him in 2008 when he was an extremely mischievous… Read more >>


      Myself and my wife to be adopted this beautiful cat Kent who we have renamed Joey in March 2014. We gave him a loving home and in… Read more >>

Pearl & Patch

      These two Himalayan guinea pigs were unwanted pets, then called Kesta and Natasha.     Renamed Pearl and Patch and rehomed in early 2013, they now have… Read more >>


Dear everyone, Just thought you would like to know how Lola (now Rosie) beagle is getting on in her new home in York. She is just a joy to have… Read more >>

Sam & Peppa

We got Sam (was Kavic) from HAW in October 2004 and have loved him being part of our family. He’s a big cuddly teddy bear of a dog! We sadly… Read more >>

Parsley & Rosie

Parsley and Rosie came to live with us in March. They’re still timid so we’re building up stroking and handling gently but they’re absolutely great little characters and they’ve settled… Read more >>


Dear HAWT, I’ve now been in my forever home over 2 months now and thought I’d let you know how I am. I love my food and I’m growing up… Read more >>


Hi, thought you might like a little update and a few pictures of Stella. She is currently asleep as per the norm and due to the fact we have walked… Read more >>

Brandy & Ellie

It’s Ellie and Brandy! We just thought we’d let you know how we’re getting on since leaving you in February. We are now settled in our new home, we have… Read more >>

Dexter & Lola

Just thought I’d send you a few pictures and let you know how Dexter and Lola are getting on. As you can see they are just great, they have a… Read more >>


Hi there, we got Bo from you 2013. He had been rescued with his ‘girlfriend’ Tia and five puppies. Well this is Bo now. He is a beautiful boy and… Read more >>


Hi we got Alfie from you in October 2013. He’s lovely, likes walks, food and lots of love. He gives love back too, he loves children and people. My husband’s… Read more >>

Willow & Jess

I thought you would like to hear how two cats I adopted from you are doing. I adopted Wilma (now called Willow) and Buzz (now called Jess) from you just… Read more >>


Here is Rocky the cross collie who is now 14 years old, he came from South Cave together with a cross Alsation Sheeba who was the same age . Sadly… Read more >>


I had never had a dog before, just cats and rabbits along with other small animals. I visited the centre to see if I could adopt another animal as I… Read more >>


      Hi, I just wanted to send a photo of Max who we adopted from you in 2012. He has turned out to be the most loving dog… Read more >>


      He was at first a little shy, but after a couple of months he had definitely made my home his home. He did have an allergy when… Read more >>

Hannah and Nipper

We were lucky enough to adopt from you Hannah (Doris) back in Feb 2013 after the loss of my black lab who reached an amazing age of 14 1/2yrs. We… Read more >>


      Do you remember Jesse? She came to live with us in May. Well, just to let you know she’s absolutely gorgeous and settled in, she’s now one… Read more >>
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