Ways to Help

We have put together a list of various ideas and ways in which people can help and support our charity to allow us to continue caring for our animals and helping them find their forever homes.

We rely solely on fundraising and donations to keep us up and running and receive no national or lottery funding.  Therefore it is incredibly important that we continue to have such incredible support from members of the public and local companies in order for us to keep providing the animals in our care and in our local area, with the love and treatment that they deserve and need.



1- Money Donations

Money donations help us to provide all of our animals with veterinary care and treatment, food, shelter and bedding.  It assists us in finding animals new loving homes by providing resources to allow us to carry out the necessary checks.  It also helps us with education, allowing us to do talks in schools so that the next generation can understand more about animals and how important it is to care for them. It is  Here are some ways that money can be donated:


-Make a donation online.  Online donations are the quickest and easiest way of making a one off donation to us with the amount of your choice no matter how small or large.– Click here to donate now.


– Saving up your small change can soon add up and every little helps!


 Setting up a standing order with your bank so that you can make monthly donations, no matter how small, it all helps towards caring for our animals.


-Donations towards our fundraisers.  Most animals in our care need routine neutering operations but occasionally we have animals that need major surgery and for these cases, we often have to fund raise to pay for the vet bills.  Any donations towards such fundraisers is a huge help and means we can give the animals the treatment they need.


– Selling things on Ebay can benefit our charity and it is a simple way to make a donation whilst earning money for yourself.  This can be done by selecting to donate to our charity when creating your listing on ebay, so that a small percentage of what you earn gets donated straight to us.



2 – Donations


It is not just money that helps us to continue our work but also donations of things that we can use in our everyday running of the centre.  Donations like these make a huge difference and mean that money can be spent on other things such as veterinary bills and general running costs.


– Food Donations

 We have approximately 60-75 animals in our care at all times and as you can imagine, this means we go through a lot of food!  Any donation of food that you can make will be a great help, whether it be for dogs, cats, rabbits or guinea pigs.  We use both wet and dry food. If your own pet decides he/she no longer likes their food then instead of throwing it away, bring it into our centre so that we can put it to good use, nobody likes waste!


– Bedding 

We like to try and provide our animals with as much comfort as possible by giving them plenty of bedding that they can get snuggled up into.  We use duvets and pillows (no feathers please as this can get a little messy!) blankets, towels and bed sheets.  If you are having a sort out, please donate any bedding or towels so that our animals can have good nights sleep.


– Newspaper and Cat Litter

We house around 25 cats and 20 rabbits at any given time and this means we use a lot of newspaper and cat litter!  Any donations of these would be much appreciated.


– Charity Shop Donations

We have a charity shop on Holderness Road in Hull that is run by some of our dedicated volunteers and we always need items that we can sell in our shop.  Our charity shop provides us with the financial support we need to continue to care for the animals in our care and our local area.

3 – Sponsor a Kennel

A great way to help our charity is by sponsoring a kennel, cat pen or small animal unit.  This can be done through either monthly or annual payments of any amount you choose to donate.  Sponsors receive a certificate, a thank you letter and an annual Christmas letter and story about our animals.  If you would like to sponsor an animal unit please follow this link:   Click here to download a Sponsorship form.

4 – Volunteering


– At the centre

Our charity has always relied heavily on volunteers and without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.  Our daily routine at the centre includes the cleaning of animals kennels/pens, dog walking, medicating animals, socialising with our animals and assisting customers and potential adopters.  In order for us to ensure all of these things are done we depend on the help of volunteers.  People may want to volunteer for many reasons including to gain new skills and confidence, to try something new.  Volunteering is very rewarding and can give people a sense of well being.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact us on  to request a volunteer application form.


– At our charity shop

One of our regular sources of funding comes from our charity shop on Holderness Road in Hull which is run entirely by volunteers who dedicate their own time to make the shop a success.  Perhaps you have experience in retail and feel you could offer your skills to us in this way.  If you are interested in helping out at our charity shop please send us an email to


– At fundraising events

As a charity we are always looking at new ways in which we can fund raise and spread awareness.  Through out the year we try and attend as many events as possible but we often struggle to find new volunteers who are willing to help out on stalls and as a result this can sometimes result in us not being able to attend events.  Reaching and interacting with members of the public is crucial to any charity organisation and we need people who are personable and enjoy speaking to people to offer their skills and passion of animals to help us continue and grow.  If you think you could help at our events please send us an email to

7 – Subscribe to our newsletter

We produce a newsletter twice a year for our supporters giving them information on upcoming events, animals needing homes, our special stories such as happy endings and much more.  It is an easy way of supporting us if you are unable to offer your time and it gives you an insight into what exciting things are happening at our centre and how your kind donation is helping us to continue the work that we do.  The subscription charge is just £12 a year.  If you are interested in subscribing to our newsletter, please contact:

Edwina Wright: 8 Sycamore Drive, Thorngumbald, HU12 9LF – 01964 622069

8 – Beneficiary in a will

Sadly there comes a time when we all have to think about what we will be leaving behind and who we would like to leaves things to.  Often animal orientated people like to leave legacies to animal charities so that our work can continue throughout generations and we can grow and carry on caring for and helping animals in need.  If you are thinking about making us a beneficiary in your will please contact us to discuss this further.

9 – In Memory of a loved one

When people have lost a loved one they often like to do something in their memory.  One way of doing that would be to make a donation or perhaps put money towards a specific thing that they would have liked.  If you would like to make a donation in memory of your loved one, please contact us at our centre.

10 – Choosing us as a charity

Companies and businesses usually have a chosen charity that they support.  If you work for a company and would like to support the work that we do then we would be truly grateful.  Please contact us for more information.

11 – Host a fundraiser

People can always help by holding their own fundraisers for us, every little helps!  Things like coffee mornings, bake sales and sponsored events are a great and sociable way to raise money for our animals and have fun at the same time!

12 – Offer your skills

Everyone has different skill sets and strengths that can benefit us in more than one way.  If you have experience in things like photography, public speaking, admin, fostering or anything else you feel could benefit us then please contact us.





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