Extremely friendly girl. Was brought into HAWT as a stray and she had caught her foot in a mouse trap but she is fine now. Really striking markings and eyes. Likes to be fussed.


Really lovely girl who came to HAWT as her owner had to go into a care home. She can be quite timid but she is friendly. Lived with an elderly man & a Jack Russell dog so is used to dogs but unsure as to how she is with other cats.


Came to HAWT as a stray. Really beautiful colouring. Quite a nervy cat, will need someone to help her gain confidence. As she came to us as a stray we are unsure how she would be around children or other pets.





Amber is a female torti age 2.5 she was unwanted and has been in foster care for a year. Amber was extremely withdrawn and frightened of everything. She lived with another cat that bullied her.



Amber then went to our foster carer and has been a house cat ever since.  She has gained confidence and although she lives with other cats at the moment she would be happier on her own.  Once she trusts you she can be very loving.  Amber needs a quiet home without children.



As with all our cats she is neutered vaccinated and ID chipped.  At the moment she is still in her foster home near the East Coast, if interested, in the first instance, please contact our centre direct on 01430 423986.  Thank you


Smurf is a beautiful blue/grey coloured cat who was sadly involved in a road traffic accident which resulted in him having to have his rear right leg amputated. His owner could not afford the veterinary bills so he came to HAWT. He is getting on remarkably well despite losing his leg and is a very friendly boy who enjoys to be fussed.


Bobby came to us as a stray during the recent cold snap (March 2018). He is a friendly boy who is inquisitive and enjoys to be fussed and stroked. He doesn’t like being brushed though! As he was a stray we are unsure of how he would be with children or other cats / dogs.


Willow came to HAWT as the person who took her in as a stray could no longer cope with her. She is timid but friendly and has really striking colouring. She is used to being both inside & outside.


Poor Pepper was found by her owner after being shot in the leg. Her owner could not afford the veterinary costs so she came to HAWT. Sadly her leg was too badly damaged to be saved & so was amputated. Despite this she is a happy and cheeky little thing who has learnt very quickly how to use her three legs to run, jump & play.


This lovely old lady was found as a stray. She may have some sight issues but she is still very agile for her age and is extremely friendly. She loves her food!