Taken to the PDSA as a stray by a member of the public.  Very attractive long haired cat, a bit scrawny at the moment, probably due to living rough.  Very friendly.  Was fine in a carrier.





Poor Tommy live in high rise flat, no company, semi/feral, owner in hospital long term, not able to get more info on him.  Probably needs some kind person to give him a chance in life, perhaps a farm/small holding with somewhere he could be confined for 6 weeks before venturing out.  He would need feeding and caring for, someone to keep an eye on him.  He may in the long term ‘come round’





Owner ill, Amber is far too fat and is on a strict diet.  Lived with adults only, ok in carrier.  Unknown about other cats dogs and children.  Likes being stroke but can be grumpy at times.  Owner only had her two years.