Bella (2)

Age: 2 Years
Breed: Staffie
Sex: Female
Arrived: 6 Oct 2017




Bella (3)Small staffie.  Bella is an unclaimed stray from the Swanland area.  She is extremely friendly and constantly looks for approval.  She seems younger than the stated 2 years.  She’s frantic in her kennel, looking for attention but out of her kennel she is quiet and well behaved.  It would seem someone has trained her on a lead as when she reaches the full extent of it she returns and walks by your side.  On seeing other dogs she was eagre to get to them and pulled in that direction, I didn’t let her meet them but she seemed friendly rather than aggressive.  Off lead in our back paddock she mooched about a bit and then sat patiently observing rather that chasing about.

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