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Hedgehog Hospital




It is with great regret that due to ill health Lorraine Jackson who runs the H A W T Hedgehog Hospital is retiring from the Trust and is no longer accepting any new hedgehogs.



She is willing to give any advice when required



The Trust is now looking for anyone who is willing to take over, or help in any way, with the care of sick and injured hedgehogs



Please contact us on 01430 423986 or feedback@hullanimalwelfare.co.uk







Our Hedgehog Hospital is based off Anlaby Road Hull at the home of our volunteer worker Lorraine. The hospital has been in existence since 1997 and on average treats approx 100 hogs per year, it is totally funded by the Hull Animal Welfare Trust..

Lorraine has, especially over the years, become a very competent hog doctor and treats many complaints, anything from cuts and wounds, orphaned babies, dehydration, removing ticks and treating poor hogs that are half eaten alive by maggots.

All the hogs are released back to the wild as soon as possible and we are constantly looking for release sites away from main roads, where you know hogs already live, and preferably somewhere they could be fed until they are used to being out and about again. Could you offer your garden as at release site?


Hogs are good for the garden, eating slugs and various garden pests; anyone wanting to encourage them can do so by leaving out water (never milk) and cat food.


Hogs should not normally be seen out during daytime, this is usually one of the signs something is amiss. Also hogs weighing less than 1lbs 6oz at hibernation time generally do not survive without help.


If you are worried about a hog and want advice please contact Lorraine on 01482 502441.


If you suspect a hog is unwell and cannot contact anyone immediately, an emergency course of action is to get the hog warm; say in an electric seed propagator or on a hot water bottle covered with an old towel. Place in a safe dark place until further advice can be obtained.


Hog Stories – Click here to read about some of our hogs

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