Scruffy Jack

Jack (4)

Age: 10 Years
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Arrived: 14 Apr 2017





Jack (1)Left as Jack arrived. Right shows Jack yesterday (2nd October) with his Dennis Healy eyebrows Can anyone overlook his scruffiness ?



This is scruffy Jack, he came to us cut and well groomed but as he has been with us six months his hair has grown and he looks decidedly scruffy.  We have tried to groom him but he is dead against this and despite all our efforts remains scruffy.  This is one of Jack’s problems in getting a new home, whilst he is normally a friendly playful dog he doesn’t like being ‘messed with’.  Originally he came to us because of his elderly owners poor health, He has no experience of young children and would prefer to be an only dog.  Has been with owner since being a pup.  Fine on a lead, nice friendly dog but needs time to settle with new owners. Well house trained, no bother in kennels at all.

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