Age: 5 Years on arrival
Breed: Cross Breed
Sex: Male
Arrived: 29 Oct 2016





Pepsi is our longest staying dog and gets overlooked but once you gain his trust he is responsive and affectionate. He is intelligent and needs stimulation when he isn’t snoozing. He loves chasing balls and is quite a star on our agility equipment. He can guard toys in his kennel and this isn’t a problem if you leave him to it but it might mean he would be better as an only dog.



He is quite strong and walks well on a lead but can be startled by an unfamiliar sound or situation and then pulls to go in the opposite direction so might not be able to go off lead. HAWT would be happy for a new owner to use our facilities with prior notice



Pepsi enjoys his food, is partial to chicken as a treat and is easy to train and anxious to please (for a small reward!). He would settle best in an adult household. He was recently reserved but sadly this was cancelled – no fault of his own.



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