Anya (4)Originally a stray found tied to a dumped settee on a county road.   A bouncy dog, needs some training, no children




Kimmy (4)Kimmy originally came to us after a marriage split in 2010 at the age of 2 1/2 years.  Her owner was on his was back to his army billet and Kimmy had nowhere to go.  She has been in her new home for 5 years, now returned as the son suffers allergies.  She is good with other dogs, brilliant with children but hates cats.  She doesn’t like raised voices or rolled up newspapers.   She is small in stature for a staffie

Molly and Rosie

Molly (2)Rosie (2)Rosie (4)Molly, Labradoodle, aged 4 years

Rosie, cross Pug aged 15 months

Working hours, a new baby and poor health all play a part in this pair loosing their home.  No small children (under 12 years).  Just arrived both dogs seems very friendly, Labradoodle a bit lively.  We would prefer for the two dogs to stay together


Dodger is looking for new home as an only dog with no small children, although dodger has a very sweet nature he is very nervous and will benefit from a home with someone who has the time and patience he needs. Dodger is good with other dogs but would not like to live with one. He walks really well on a lead but would need lead exercise only for a long time until he learns to trust his new owner.


Dodger (3)




Murphy, a tricoloured Basset Hound, is a gentle chap with impaired vision. He seems to have lost periphery vision and if approached from the side will jump but if approached from the front, he is fine. He is unwilling to walk on lead (we feel because of this problem) but if gently but firmly encouraged to do so, will move willingly eventually. He is fine with people and dogs if approached from the front but even if surprised due to his poor sight, he has never snapped or growled.  Please note he is not at our centre but with Lesley of Basset Hound rescue in Holme on Spalding Moore.  Please contact Lesley direct if interested on 01430 860472




Jazz (5)Jazz has come to us because her owners working hours have increased and Jazz is not old enough to be left long hours. She is a very bouncy dog with a lot of energy and so would benefit from an experienced home who could improve her training and give her the time she needs. She has lived with children, she is good although boisterous with other dogs and she is polite when walking on a lead. Jazz doesn’t travel very well but as she is only a baby this will hopefully improve with time.  She is a medium sized dog




Bailey (7)Bailey has been returned to us after 8 years because of a relationship break up and a house move. This poor boy is feeling a little lost at the moment as he does not understand why he is with us. He is quite over weight and will certainly benefit from some exercise and a low fat diet! Bailey has lived with a 4 year old child and is really good with other dogs, he has a very laid back personality and we are sure he will fit in anywhere.


Elphie (4)



Elphie is looking for a new home because her owner works longer hours then Elphie likes been left. She is good with other dogs and use to visiting children (we will not rehome her to children under 10 years) but does suffer a little separation anxiety so she needs a home with a family who would not leave her for long periods. She walks well on a lead and once she gets to know you she is quite fussy and likes a cuddle.  This is a tiny dog




Genghis (4)Genghis is looking for a new home because his owner is pregnant with her first child and she feels she could not cope with both. He is a very bouncy dog who needs training and a home who could give him plenty of exercise. He can be a little vocal but is good with other dogs and very eager to learn and because he is still only a baby he should train easily.




Osca (3)Osca is looking for a new home because his owner had to move into a flat and was not able to give Osca the exercise he needs. He has lived with an older bitch and is good with other dogs but we would not home him to live with another dog. He has no experience with children and cannot be rehomed with cats or small animals. Osca seems a very loving boy who likes to play and chase about but he does not like being left long periods as this causes him to be distressed. He walks well on his lead and in the right home he will make a wonderful companion and lead an active life.