Rocky (2)This dog was taken on as it was the daughter’s dog but the landlord has said ‘no’.  Rocky has lived with adults and although seems friendly enough at the centre, we are advised he is wary of men and doesn’t cope well around children.






Candy (2)cropCandy (1)Small dog Border Terrier size.  Owner going abroad to live.  Candy  prefers a quiet life so we will be looking to re home her as an only dog, chases cats but was ok with visiting children.




A cream cross breed small to medium in size, guards in the home even against it’s occupants!  needs an experienced adult household, perhaps with another dog.  Very good on a lead, lived with two adults.

Buddy (3)




Isla (12)Another unclaimed stray, came in at the same time as Millie, the staffie, from the Animal Warden, no connection.  Isla was found in the Withernsea area.





Alfie (1)Cream hairy Shih Tzu, doesn’t like being left and the owner is ill and hubby goes out to work.  Good on a lead but must be on harness as he can get out of a collar.  Lived with two adults but fine with visiting grand children.  Is excited when they visit jumps up and barks, youngest 4 years.  Usually ok with other dogs and cats but is bossy with cats.  Whines when travelling but is ok walking in traffic.  Fine to groom but he needs a professional groom three times a year.  Pees if left alone.  No health issues.  Owners have had him since he was 6 weeks old.






Sally (3)Suzie(6)Owner moving and cannot take.  Although Suzie came in with another dog we belive she is not good with strange dogs.  Very people friendly.  Suzie is portly and would benefit from losing a few kilos whilst building up her exercise regime





Bobby (1)This is a small to medium terrier cross, not good with children, a bit urgent when first out walking but soon settles once he’s out.  Has lived with two cats which he ignores, gets on fine with mother and brothers dog but not good with strange dogs.  Fine in a car, muzzled at vets, no health problems









CJ (5)CJ (1)CJ’s owner are no longer able to care for him, he is not keen on being left for too long, is good on command, walks well on a lead and is food orientated.






Rosie (3)Rosie, a much loved family pet, has come to us because of a change in family circumstances and she is being left really long hours.  She’s a nice girl that’s been in the home since she was a pup straight from mum.  She can be excitable on first meeting but soon settles, house trained, can sit, down, stay but she is not good off a lead.  She has lived with an 8 year old.  A large tall dog but slight of build








Bridie (9)Owner died.  She’s lived with a male dog. got on most of time, occasional tiff.  No cats, no experience of children, loves fusses, not use to toys, not destructive.  She is a large strong dog.