CJ (5)

CJ (17)


CJCJ’s owner are no longer able to care for him, he is not keen on being left for too long, is good on command, walks well on a lead and is food orientated.  Playful and boisterous.







Pepsi is our longest staying dog and gets overlooked but once you gain his trust he is responsive and affectionate. He is intelligent and needs stimulation when he isn’t snoozing. He loves chasing balls and is quite a star on our agility equipment.



He is quite strong and walks well on a lead but can be startled by an unfamiliar sound or situation and then pulls to go in the opposite direction so might not be able to go off lead. HAWT would be happy for a new owner to use our facilities with prior notice.  He does seem too worried about other dogs, preferring to get out of the way



Pepsi (18)PepsiPepsi enjoys his food, is partial to chicken as a treat and is easy to train and anxious to please (for a small reward!). He would settle best in an adult household. He was recently reserved but sadly this was cancelled – no fault of his own.










Boy (3)Boy (5)A relationship split, came in  with a female greyhound Bonnie (already has a new home).  Lovely on a lead but can pull to other dogs which he doesn’t seem to like.  Good with the grandchildren of 8 and 10 years although they were always careful to supervise.  Not good cats, good to groom, no health problems.  Very attractive colouring.




Bobby (1)

Bobby (6)Suffers separation anxiety and owners cannot cope, not good with other dogs or cats but loves people, great with children aged 7 plus.








Rosie (3)The owner who has had her since February this year cannot manage to walk Rosie whilst she is on her mobility scooter.  She pulls a bit on lead and as far as we are aware has only lived with adults although she was good with the visiting grandchildren of 5 to 15 years.  No cats, house trained, no health problems, good to groom





Bear (6)Bear (11)One very large stray dog.  The Animal Warden was called as Bear was attempting to get into the car of a woman doing a school run!.  Although very large, walks very well on a lead but obviously can be strong if he wants to be.  Someone has cut off part of his ears to make him look more daunting, he is a gentle giant.  Placid loves to roll over and be tickled





Milo (1)Owners moving.  Milo was one of a pair we are splitting up.  He shares a kennel with little Milo at the moment.  He is Border Terrier size.  Probably best as an only dog.





A freindly stray dog, needs some lead training.  Although he gets on well with other dogs he is a bit ‘full on’.