Chocci (3)After breaking her leg, owners couldn’t afford the vet fees to get treatment.  The vet phoned us and asked if we would pay and take her on.  What else could we do?  As the break wasn’t fresh the vet advised Choccie should have the leg amputated.  This has been done and she’s  presently residing at our centre.  We require a special person for Choccie as not only has she just three legs she is very overweight which hinders her progress. Very gentle excercise and a strict diet would be beneficial to Choccie.  Although (apart from a check up) Choccie’s treatment is complete.  This is her laid in our office, she’s not always this quiet, she’s having a bit of a snooze but she is finding getting around slightly difficult, early days!





Bruno (2)Owner has health problems so Bruno has lost his home.  A friend of the owner brought him in so details are a bit sketchy but he was fine as soon as he arrived, settled well, friendly.  As far as we know he has never lived with another dog but on walking pass them there’s no reactions and as far as we know he has never been around children.





Tia (6)A very friendly unclaimed stray.  She has spent the statutory amount of time with the animals warden and is now looking for her forever home.  She is a lively bouncy dog, perhaps some training needed here.