Titch (3)Small dog.  Ill health forces parting of owner and dog.  DoB 23.4.10.  He is friendly but no cats.  Has no experience of children.  Does ‘smiling’.  Can be difficult when he is asked to get off the furniture and he doesn’t like you to point at him.  Sounds a diva but he is a nice dog!





Tia (3)An unclaimed stray from the Hornsea are.  She is chipped but the people denied any knowledge of her.





Suzie (4)Owner moving and cannot take.  Although Suzie came in with another dog we belive she is not good with strange dogs.  Very people friendly.  Suzie is portly and would benefit from losing a few kilos whilst building up her exercise regime





Starskey (5)A small attractive rough coated terrier picked up as a stray in the Hedon area.  Seems friendly enough but not much more known about him





Misty (1)Poor health means the owner cannot cope with a dog.  Misty is very friendly and bouncy, no malice but may need some training.





Marley (1)Owner moving and cannot take, he was left with her farther but he has ill health and cannot look after him.








Greg (4)Greg was being attacked by the other dog in the house.  He is good with other dogs and children 2 plus but not good with cats

Daisy and Poppy




Daisy Poppy (4)Daisy Poppy (2)CroppedDaisy, 8 years. Poppy 6 years.  Owners wife has died and he works away.  They are mother and daughter and are very close so we will be rehoming them together.  They are good with other dogs, good with their grandchildren, good in a car, good on a lead but Poppy can be a bit nervous on meeting new people and dogs but soon settles when introduced.