buddy-5A stray from across the Pennines, a pound which cannot cope with the number of strays they take in, sadly their time in the pound is limited.  Fortunately for Buddy he is with us now and will stay until he finds his forever home, he is a very friendly boy.





stan-3This small to medium size terrier proved too energetic for the owner.  He seems ok with other dogs when he’s out but sometimes barks at them.  Has been around grandchildren of 8 and 13 years.  Chews things if left around doesn’t like being groomed and gets stressed when travels but these problems aren’t insurmountable.





teddy-1New arrival from the Animal Warden, no details as yet.  Seems a very friendly dog, a bit Lab-ish, quite a rought coat.





lady-1New arrival from the Animal Warden.  Came in at the same time as Teddy although no connection.  Details soonest.





jack-1Sadly Jack’s owner has died and Jack had nowhere to go.  This friendly Staffie is safe with us until he finds his forever home.





ed-3A stray collected by the Animal Warden from the Bridlington area.  Very friendly fussy dog.  He had his alloted time in council care and now he is here with us awaiting a responsible loving home





bert-9croppedFound with Jasmine in the Rowley area, strays collected by the animal warden and have served their time in council care.  Very friendly dogs but perhaps no small animals for them.