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Each of our kennels has a door which allows the dog to go into an external space. The doors are closed during bad weather and during the night. The doors are the originals from when the kennels were built in 1997. They are made of metal plated wood. Time has taken its toll and they are now in very bad condition. The bolts have rusted and become sharp. Urine has soaked through and the ammonia has eaten away at the materials and caused them to smell. The staff and volunteers have sometimes had difficulty in closing them because of their condition and this has resulted in them injuring themselves. The bolts have sometimes worked loose and the doors opened allowing the dog into the external area at inappropriate times.

We made applications to two Trusts to see if we could get any help towards the cost of replacing them. We are absolutely delighted to tell you that we have received grants of £1,000 from the Marjorie Coote Trust and £7,500 from Petplan Charitable Trust.

This will totally cover the cost of replacing all 17 doors.The new doors are made of lightweight galvanised steel and should last us for at least 20 years. They are fully insulated so will keep the dogs warm during the cold months and they will be much safer for the dogs, staff and volunteers.

Work started on Monday 23rd June 2014 and has taken 2 weeks to complete. All of the doors had to be removed so we have been very fortunate that the weather has been kind to us while the dogs had ‘open plan’ accommodation.


On behalf of all our dogs

staff, volunteers and

Trustees at HAWT

thank you to Marjorie Coote

and Pet Plan Charitable Trust

One of our new doors



Lost and Found

If you have a missing pet and you would like to put him/her on our website please send:

  • full description including age sex or any distinguishing marks
  • if neutered or micro-chipped
  • area and date where lost
  • contact number and a photo if possible

This will, I think, apply mainly to cats but can be any type of animal.

If only a couple of animals are re united with their owner it will be worthwhile

Name: Kodak
Breed: Cross Breed
Age:  18 Months
Sex: Female

Arrived 21st June 2014

Originally an unclaimed stray from the Goole area, re-homed from here but has been returned for being protective of owner whilst on lead.  She is a really nice girl who is full of fun, loves toys, walks well on a lead but a little extra training would be beneficial. She loves to be groomed and can be touched all over.  No food aggression and takes teats gently.  We have walked her with a female staffie and a male lurcher and she seemed quite happy, perhaps happier with the male lurcher as he is a calm dog.  She knows basic commands and was good at the vets.  Can be nervous in new surroundings especially with other dogs, would probably benefit from some socialisation classes.

Name: Roly
Breed: Border Terrier Cross
Age: 7 Years

Arrived 10th May 2014

Roly does not show himself well in his kennel, he constantly barks and jumps up for attention but this is not what he’s really like, once out of the kennel he walks calmly and quietly  on a lead, no pulling, just minds his own business.  He is good with other dogs but does not like cats and Roly would be better suited to older children. He is a really nice boy and with the right environment he will make a wonderful companion.

Name: Benji
Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Age: 4 Years Date of Birth 21st June 2010
Sex: MaleArrived 20th December 2013

Benji is a nice boy who has come to us because he was too much for the other dog he was living with. He is a little strong on the lead but walks better with a halti on. He is responsive and willing to learn. Benji would be best living in a home with no small children and other dogs.  Needs an experienced Spaniel owner.

Name: Jinx
Breed: Cross Breed
Age: 15 Months
Sex: Female

Arrived 19th December 2013

Her owner put Jinx into private boarding kennels and then refused to take her back.  Jinx needs owner that will have a firm but gentle hand as she can be mischievous (but lovely with it). She loves her ball and this could be used as a real advantage when training.  Has mixed with a male Newfoundland but we would not home her with another Bitch,  very affectionate when you enter her kennel.  She pulls slightly on the lead but this can be helped with training. We would not home Jinx with small children or cats.  She is medium size, loves fuses, can be touched everywhere and takes food nicely.

Name: Comet
Breed: Lurcher
Age: 4 Years
Sex: Male

Arrived 21st November 2012

Our longest staying dog by many months is Comet and he requires an experienced owner

Comet was dumped at the vets, not this area, in Lancashire, he had severe facial injuries and part of his jaw had been ripped away.  Someone had tried to staple his face together using domestic staples.  We believe all this came from using Comet for badger baiting.  Despite the many injuries he suffered (we have a lot of sympathy for the badgers as well) and extensive surgery at our vets he was patient towards the veterinary staff but no small animals for Comet though.  He will need a strong, experienced owner.  He walks well on a harness, rarely pulls but can be very strong if he sees or smells something.  Good with  dogs of same breed.

Name: Sasha
Breed: Cross Breed
Age:  4 Years
Sex: Female


This is Sasha chilling in our office

Arrived 13th March 2014

Our dog returned, has been in her home two years.  She was with a couple and sadly one has died, the other cannot cope.  Sasha has a super nature, can be strong as she is a big girl but also gentle.  She was also very good with their 4-year-old grandchild.  Although Sasha has lived with another male, she can be quite dominant and likes to be in charge. Sasha would be best homed as an only dog. Poor Sasha as now been back with us some time and has started to get quite depressed. We cannot understand why nobody has chosen her as she is such an adorable girl.  We let her have the occasional run round the compound and with familiar staff she is excellently behaved, returning on command, playful and happy.

Name: Kelly
Breed: German Shepherd
Age:  3 Years
Sex: FemaleArrived 11th June 2014

Kelly has come to us from a stray pound out of our area. She is extremely boisterous and strong on a lead, doesn’t seem to know what lead walking is and needs training.  Seemed very interested in our cats and rabbits, wouldn’t trust her here.  Can be touched all over , can check paws eyes ears and is good to groom, no food aggression, very playful, enjoys toys, very trainable and knows basic commands. She is a really friendly girl but due to her been very bouncy we would not re-home her with small children.

Name: Sasha Reserved
Breed: Rottweiler
Age:  10 Years
Sex: FemaleJune 2014

She is a very friendly and affectionate female Rottweiler. She is 10 years old, neutered and in good health. She currently lives in a home with two small children aged 2 and 6 years and is the perfect family pet.

Sasha has a gentle and easy-going temperament and loves everybody – she is a people dog. She also enjoys walks, is not aggressive with other dogs and stays close when off lead.  She is also good with cats

Sasha’s family are looking to rehome her due to a relationship breakdown.

For more information please contact 01482 712963.  Thank You


Name: Rio
Breed: Husky Cross
Age:  2 Years
Sex: Male

Arrived 21st June 2014

Rio was with us early this year and was re-homed but this dog is an escape artist and has been returned for that reason.

He walk well on a lead but this large dog can be strong if he sees or smells something of interest to him.  Seemed good with cats and rabbits, can be touched all over, look in ears and touch paws.  Takes food gently, likes fetch and toys.  He is a gentle intelligent dog, clean in his kennel but be warned he can open doors.

This is what his last owner had to say about him:

he is a real family dog – very friendly around people – brilliant with children – loving and playful – loves walks and toys – loves swimming – very house trained – good at basic commands – gentle with food and treats

On the minus side

he can escape if allowed to do so, doesn’t like cats, cannot go off-lead, picks and chooses his dog friends

Rio will make a family a wonderful companion given the correct environment.


Name: Blue
Breed: Staffie
Age: 2 Years
Sex: Male

Arrived 4th July 2014

An unclaimed stray picked up by the Animal Warden in Withernsea, chipped to Bridlington but doesn’t want him back. Pulls on lead, could do with training, loves to be groomed all over.  Playful, likes toys, friendly, loves cuddles

Name: Pinkey
Breed: Staffie
Age:  2 Years
Sex: Female

Arrived 4th July 2014

A stray from the Everthorpe area, she walks quite well on a lead and loves fusses and attention.  Pinky likes to be groomed but a bit unsure and nervous of it, to be taken slowly.  Loves toys and playing. We would not home Pinky with small children.

Name: Flynn
Breed: Basset Hound
Age: 4 Years
Sex: Male

July 2014

This is Flynn, a 4 year old male Basset, castrated and microchipped.  He will need a firm owner as he is very determined to get his own way!  He is friendly towards all dogs but not too good with cats. Flynn is with Lesley in a foster home in Holme on Spalding Moor, if interested and want more info contact Lesley on 01430 860472

Name: Larry
Breed: Staffie Cross
Age:  11 Months  DoB 14th September 2013
Sex: Male

Arrived 26th July 2013

Elderly owner unable to cope with a young dog, pulls a bit on the lead but is manageable, training needed, walks better on a harness, no sign of food aggression, young friendly fussy dog, loves attention


Name: Jake Reserved
Breed: Jack Russell x Chihuahua
Age:   1 Year
Sex: Male

Arrived 28th July 2014

Growled at the son of 2 years.  Has lived with 4 children and a cat.  Very playful with other dogs, comfortable around them if a little timid, walks well on a lead.  No small children for this dog Can touch and groom all over, likes being picked up, no food aggression, can be a little nervous until he gets to know you, good at the vets.  Looks like a Chihuahua, small and slightly built approx 12 inches to shoulder.

Name: Alfie
Breed: Lurcher
Age: 4 Years
Sex: Male

Arrived 17th July 2014

Our returned.  He came to us originally as his owner just didn’t want him, he was re-homed from here just a year ago but has been returned for attacking the other dog in the house.  No small animals for Alfie and to be an only dog

Name: Kia and Sasha
Breed: Staffie and Labrador x Collie
Age:  3 Years and 5 Years
Sex: FemalesArrived 30th July 2014

Owner evicted from home.  Both dogs good with children and other dogs.  Must stay together

Name: Snoopy
Breed: Beagle
Age:  6 Years DoB 29th August 2008
Sex: Female

Arrived 3rd August 2014

Moving to rented accommodation and Snoopy, a lemon and white Beagle, is not welcome.  Snoopy is a friendly girl who needs an experienced owner, preferably someone who knows the Beagle breed. We feel Snoopy would like to live as an only dog with no children in the home. With the right care Snoopy will make someone a wonderful companion.  

Name: Millie
Breed: Jack Russell
Age:  1 Year
Sex: Female

Arrived 9th August 2014

Millie is a lovely girl and although you wouldn’t know it now, she was the runt of the litter and was bullied by her siblings.  She was rescued by a kind person who already had dogs of her own but realised Millie must have a better life.  She took Millie and kept her until we had a kennel space for her.   Millie has not lived with children and so would be best homed with older rather than younger children. Because she has been bullied in the past we would like her to be in a home where she is the only dog.  She walks really well on a lead and loves her kisses.

Name: Aldo Reserved
Breed: Spaniel
Age:  2 Years
Sex: Male Arrived 6th August 2014

An unclaimed stray from the Goole area.  Possibly a Sprocker, found with a slight skin complaint possibly why he was a stray (vet fees involved).  Easily treated at the vets he will soon be good as new.  Very strong, pulls constantly on lead, needs training, good to groom, can touch everywhere, no food aggression, takes treats gently,could possibly live with cats/rabbits. Because Aldo has come in to us from the stray kennels we do not know what he is like with children.

Name: Eppie
Breed: Greyhound
Age:  4 Years
Sex: Male

Arrived 18th August 2014

Photos taken on day of arrival.  Brought to us by the Animal Warden as an unclaimed stray from the Bridlington area.  He has a micro chip but the owners are have moved and are untraceable.  From the chip we know Eppie’s date of birth is 28th May 2010.  He is is poor bodily condition, skin problems and sores, perhaps pressure sores.  Will be seeing vet, good food and skin medication, he will improve now he is with us. Eppie is gentle on the lead but can not be homed with small animals or cats. Because Eppie was a stray we do not know what he is like with children.

Name: Alfie
Breed: Border Collie
Age:  3 Years
Sex: Male

Arrived 14th August 2014

A stray collected by the Animal Warden, owner was traced but had previously sold him on and didn’t want him back.  Very strong on a lead, good to groom and touch all over, takes treats ok but a bit on the eager side, Alfie would benefit from an experienced owner and because he has come through our stray system we do not know what he is like with children.

Name: Denzil
Breed: Jack Russell
Age:  2 Years
Sex: Male

Arrived 14th August 2014

An unclaimed stray. Denzel seems a really nice boy who walks well on a lead and is really fussy to see you when you enter his kennel. Because he has come through the stray system we do not know what he is like with children.

Name: Lexi
Breed: Staffie
Age:  4 Years
Sex: Female

August 2014

This is Lexi the staffie, she was 4 years old in July 2014. She has a really good temperament just fussy with strangers. She is often around children of all ages and other dogs and is really good with them i.e knows when to be gentle! Can be let off her lead on walks with other dogs around. Never really around cats but when she is shes wary of them more than anything.  Owner’s work commitments means Lexi is missing out on attention and her walks, so want her re-homed to someone with more time for her.

Lexi is not at our centre, she is in a private home, anyone interested, in the  first instance, please ring 01482 842603, it will be an answer machine but please leave your details and we will get back to you.

Name: Ted
Breed: Terrier Cross
Age:  3 Years
Sex: Male

Arrived 17th August 2014

Originally found in very poor condition tied up in a field, the lady who found him kept him for 2 years but is now poorly and unable to cope.  Be warned Ted nips ankles when passing other dogs but with an experienced person this could be sorted. We do not know what Ted thinks to children as he hasn’t lived with them.  He likes to sleep with a light on.

Name: Midget Reserved
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Age:  1 Year
Sex: Male

Arrived 18th August 2014

A stray from the Goole area, very friendly loves to be picked up and as his name implies very small.  He has spent his time with the dog warden and from the look of him he must have had poor coat condition as it looks like they have given him a good trim.  Other than that he is fine

Name: Arnie
Breed: Lurcher
Age:  8 Years
Sex: Male

Arrived 15th August 2014

Arnie is a large dog, a stray from the Beverley area.  He was completely relaxed and happy being groomed and handled.  Can touch all over, takes food gently, loves toys and playing but no small animals for Arnie

Name: Harley  Reserved
Breed: Border Collie
Age:  7 Years
Sex: Male

Arrived 21st August 2014

An unclaimed stray picked up by the Animal Warden on Meadowbank Road.  Can be strong on a lead but is a friendly fussy boy who loves to be brushed.  You can look in his mouth, ears, paws etc.  Takes food gently no sign of food aggression.  Very interested in toys and loves to play, Knows sit, paw.  Could have possibly once lived in the Plymouth area.

 Name: Osca
Breed: Jack Russell
Age:  2012
Sex: Male  

Osca is looking for a new home because his owners do not want him anymore. Osca has come to us after being in the stray kennels, his first owners rehomed him and then that family passed him on again so this little chap has not had a great start in life. He seems a little nervous when you first meet him but he settles after a few minutes. We do not know if Osca has lived with children which means we do not know what he thinks to them. He walks well on his harness.



Name: Bishop
Breed: X G.S.D
Age:  6 Months
Sex: Male

Bishop has come into us through the stray system, he has not been claimed by his owners. He is only a young boy who seems very eager to please. He seems easy to train and likes his treats. We do not know what Bishop is like with children because we have no past history. He does however love his kisses.

I'm extra special

Benji (3)

  Hi, Benji the Springer here and I need someone to continue with my training....................................

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