Roxy (4)Original owner handed Roxy over to a homeless person who signed her over to the Animal Warden.  Has lived with children in the past and had puppies herself, seems to have had some obedience training.  Quite a large dog.





Clover (1)A very small staffie, owner works full time and Clover is left outside all day.  Has lived with children of 6 and 11 years.





Misty (1)



                                                                                              1st May already feeling happier




Not always clean in the house and this is causing some problems at home.  She is nervous of other dogs and children.  Chases cats.  Couldn’t take her out of her kennel for photos and she is too unsure of herself.





Toby (4)Toby’s owner died suddenly and his only living relative brought Toby to us.  As the deceased relative hadn’t seen him for 10 years we know nothing about the dog save what we see in kennels.  He seems very good natured but large and over-weight, probably quite strong on a lead.






Debbie (1)Came in via the animal warden.  Seems well, with some training, a loyal obedient companion for an experienced owner.  An unclaimed stray from the Swinefleet area.  Nice friendly girl, bouncy





Pippa (4)Other dog in the house has had a major back operation and Pippa is too much for the other dog now, has lived with older children








Bones 1croppedBones is a gorgeous 15 month old lab cross. He came into the rescue several months ago as sadly his new owners were finding him too strong and high energy, so he now needs a FOREVER home.   He is chipped, vaccinated and neutered. He jumps up and sometimes nibbles and mouths with excitement so would be better with older children.   Bones likes to play with other dogs and would benefit from a home with another dog to burn off some of his energy.  He will chew if left which may stop if he is with another dog.  He has been crated recently and is adjusting to this very well.  He is house trained and goes to his bed outside the bedroom and will stay there happily till the morning.  With some training and exercise he will be a wonderful pet as he has a super nature.



Please note Bones is not at our centre, if interested please contact








Sharon (5)The fourth dog in from a West Yorkshire pound, nice friendly girl.  She is very bouncy and lively, we think this girl has worked at some point so we will not home her with small animals or cats.





Oscar (4)Oscar (1)Originally found tied by a chain in Burswick, looking for an experienced owner, no children.  Can be very strong on a lead






Rosie (1)Owner has hurt back, also has other dogs.  She has lived with children under 10 years, lived with another female dog and also horses.  She does chase rabbits but has not been worked or trained to do so.  The photo shows Rosie in her bed, just back from the vets after being  neutered