Our dog returned as they say she is not clean in the house also not good with other dogs.  At vets having dental today (22nd) so no photo.





Jack (4)Jack (1)Jack is still looking for his forever home, unfortunately he can’t go with children as he finds them a little too much. He was homed from here last September but returned as he doesn’t like being groomed but this is something that could be easily improved with plenty of patience and training as he is a lovely boy in every other respect. He just needs someone who can take things at his pace until he gets used to new things. He is ok with some dogs (respectful ones!) but will react to others if they are being rude to him. He would be better suited to a female. He is extremely playful and loves toys

Daisy our deaf dog




We require a special home for Daisy as she is a deaf dog.  She has lost her original home as the couple have split.  She has never been around other dogs and barks when she sees them.  Sh’s good with children of 5 years plus.  Doesn’t like her ears being touch until she knows you well.  Has settled fairly well at the centre, can be a little nervous on first meeting but a friendly girl, just needs time to get used to things.Daisy (10)Daisy (9)





Scooby came into us from the stray kennels so we do not have any information on his background. We have found him to be very friendly with people but a little nervous of other dogs although not aggressive. He is very keen to chase cats and rabbits so a home with out those would be ideal. Scooby has a back leg missing which is causing people to over look him but he manages really well on just 3 legs and it doesn’t seem to bother him. We do not know how he lost his leg but he has no medical issue with it.Scooby





Lucky (2)Nothing is known about Lucky’s past as he was a stray dog collected by the animal warden in the Bridlington area.  In kennels he is fine, a friendly little dog that settled well, seemingly no problems.




Daisy (11)

Owner works long hours and Daisy is not keen on being left on her own.  She’s good with children 2 to 6 years and other dogs.  Ideal home, active retired, somewhere she will have company most of the time.





Charlie (5)Owners moving to rented accommodations and Charlie is not welcome.  Good with children 0 years plus, fine with dog off lead but has never lived with one.  No cats.  Loves to watch TV, ‘You’ve Been Framed’ is his favourite TV show.  His owners were very sorry to give him up.





Daisy (7)Daisy (6)An unclaimed stray from the Hornsea area, lovely girl, very friendly, fussy.  A dog possessing a happy disposition despite being abandoned










Rivo (4)Owner works full time and so Rivo is looking for a new home, ok with children one year plus, house trained, friendly, never met a cat.  Large hairy boy who, although is good with other dogs he meets, we are looking for a home for him with no other dogs. Rivo can be a little strong on the lead but does listen to you.






Stanis (3)Stanis has come to us through the stray system (from the Driffield area) so we do not have any information about his back ground. we have found him to be a nice friendly boy who likes some dogs but not others. He cannot be rehomed with small animals but he walks well on his lead and is a very nice bouncy boy