Date of Birth 10th April 2012.  Louie is looking for a new home because his owner has to work long hours and it was unfair to leave Louie. Louie has come from a very loving home and is very good with other dogs. He is a very active young boy who requires a large amount of exercise and stimulation. Having Beagle in his breed makes him very vocal so a home with someone who already has doggy experience would be beneficial.

Louie (5)






Our Odd Couple


These two dogs are looking for a home together as they are incredibly close. Gypsie adores little Bobby and follows him everywhere as he is the more confident one. Gypsie doesn’t have a lot of experience on the lead but is getting better every day and they have both lived with a cat and other animals.  Gypsie is 10 – 12 months old and Bobby is 2 years old. They will make very loving companions for the right person.

Gypsey (3)

Gypsey, female American Bulldog x Boxer

Gypsy, female American Bulldog x Boxer

Bobby, male 2 years

Bobby, male 2 years, terrier



Woody, a large rough coated young Lurcher, cries when left alone, neighbours complain and he has lost his home.  We are advised he is good with other dogs but hates cats. Woody is a little strong on the lead and would benefit from some training so an experienced owner would be better. In the home he is a big softy and has lived with a young child of 16 Months.

Woody (1)








Max (chipped by us as Benny) has been returned after being in his home for some time, the couple have split up and no one is in a position to keep him.  He has lived with a child of 3 years and we are informed he is good with other dogs.

Max (5)


Lottie is an unclaimed stray from the Withernsea area.  She walks very well on a lead, but is a little nervous of men although once she gets to know you she comes for lots of kisses and cuddles.

Lottie (2)Cropped



Hank originally came into us as a stray and we rehomed him with a nice family near the sea but unfortunately Hank was not comfortable around their grandchildren and so he has come back to us to find a new home. He is very nice boy who is good with other dogs but we will not home him with children under 13 Years. He walks well on a lead and loves to play. He is small to medium in size and will loves his walks.




Maggie is our dog returned, she went out January this year but proved too much for the male dog she was living with. Maggie is very head strong and would benefit from some training. We would not rule out homing her with another

Maggie (11)Maggie (9)



Our dog returned, his owner says he is perfect in the house although not too keen on visitors, totally house trained and obedient but once on a lead they said his behaviour is poor and he needs to be encouraged to ignore other dogs. On arrival he went down our lane for a walk, he walked very well on a lead but our lane is quiet and at the time had no other dogs or people on it.  In his kennel he’s a bit hyper and this puts people off, but once outside and in our back paddock, he was very well behaved, chased balls and came back straight away. He’s a small rough coated dog. Perhaps Terry should go to a ‘terrier person’ someone who understands the breed.  Terry was chipped as Terry by us but his last owners called him Rusty and he answers  to this name.Terry (3)



Charlie is in his own home and his owner, who can no longer give him the time he needs, wants him re-homed from there.  Charlie would be best suited to a home where someone is there for most of the day.  If interested please ring 01482 842603.  It will be an answer machine but please leave your details and we will get back to you.




Edith is looking for a new home because her owner is no longer able to care for her. He signed her over to find a new home as he knew that was best. She is a very loving girl who has lived with another bitch although she was a little to dominant with her, so an ideal home would be as an only dog or with a male. She walks really well on her lead and loves her kisses.Edith (2)