Bonna (1)Owner has poor health, has lived with another female and was good with visiting children (3 years plus).





Has come in for re homing due to owner’s ill-health.  She ok around other dogs altho has never lived with another one, can be a bit ‘full on’ needs some training as well as plenty of exercise.  Not good with cats, travels well and has been around children 1 year plus





Oakie (5)Oakie is looking for a new home as her owners circumstances have changed, she has lived with another female German Shepherd and a child of 3 years.  Obviously no cats or small animals for Oakie.  She a lovely quiet girl in kennels, no bother and should fit easily into the right home.

Brucie and Lilly


Brucie Lilly (8)Brucie Lilly (7)Brucie and Lilly are homeless due to marriage breakdown and owner moving to small flat.  They have been around young children but are not good with cats.  Brucie is very overweight and needs some gentle exercise and a diet to get him into shape but he can still be strong on a lead.  He came in with Lilly who is a wonderful walker on a lead. We are wanting to home the two dogs together as when separated they seem to really miss each other.





Millie is looking for an new home because the other dog she lived with became aggressive when Millie came into season. She is a lovely big girl with a super temperament and she is use to visiting children from 3 years and upwards. She walks reasonably well on a lead and loves her tummy to be tickled.


Millie (3)




Nipper (2)The other half of the brothers Bruiser and Nipper.  Left in the home when owner moved as she could not take them with her. This boy needs an experienced collie owner as he is the more dominant of the brothers, and needs a little training,  he has lived with cats and is use to children from the ages of 5 years.




BruiserOne of a pair of Border Collies that came in from the same home.  The owners moved house and leaving the dogs behind , living alone in the original house.  They are friendly but quite large dogs and we have decided to split them and rehome separately.  Bruiser has blue eyes.





Reggie (2)Reggie is looking for a new home because his owner cannot cope with him and he does not like the children in the family. He needs a home with an assertive owner who will not let him get his own way and also give him the training he needs. We will not home him with children under 16 years and. he doesn’t have a lot experience with other dogs but because he has quite a dominant character we would not let him live with another male dog.





Alfie (4)Alfie has come to us because he wasn’t getting on with the other dog that he was living with. Alfie is a lovely dog, he is very affectionate and loves to have lots of kisses and cuddles. Despite being constantly overlooked Alfie remains a happy confident dog.  He will best as an only dog and no children under the age of 15 years. He participates in our weekly training sessions and really enjoys them. His recall is fantastic, he can sit, lay down and walk to heal. With the right owner he will make a fantastic dog.





Wyatt (1)Wyatt’s future looked bleak when his time was up in another dog pound and his owner hadn’t claimed him.  Luckily for Wyatt we had a space and he came to us and his future is assured.  We know nothing about this rough coated grey lurcher but the chances are he has been worked and therefore we will not be homing him with cats and other small animals.  He’s a lively active dog very people friendly