Toby (1)Owner moved to new property.  Has lived with children from baby upward but can be boisterous.  Isn’t aggressive around other dogs but can be a bit much for them.  No experience of cats.




Missy (1)

Missy (4)Someone put a hair band round Missy’s tail but when it all turned nasty they couldn’t afford the tail amputation.  Has lived with two other dogs and is used to visiting children.  Quiet dog.





The owners hubby left her with 5 young children and she just cannot cope.  Missy is good with children of all ages from baby up.  Has lived with a female dog but chooses her male friends.  Good on a lead.  In kennels she seems a quiet shy girl.  Awaiting photo





Jimmy (4)Born January 2008.  His owner is now in a care home, Jimmy has been around visiting children 3 to 8 years, he’s good with other dogs but not with cats.








Gary has lost his home due to the relationship between the owners breaking down.  He is a friendly fussy dog that can be strong on the lead so some training will be needed here.  He also needs to be the only dog as he is not keen on other dogs although he loves people.


Gary (1)





Max (4)Max is looking for a new home because he has not been claimed by his owner. He is a nice bouncy boy but can be strong on the lead so would benefit from some training. Because he has come to us from the stray kennels we do not know what he is like with children but whilst he has been with us we have found he loves water and having a dip in our paddling pool.  He looks a bit ‘border terrier-ish’ but this is a large dog, Labrador size.






Dora (1)


Dora has come to us after being at the stray kennels. She has not been claimed by her owner so she is now looking for a new home. Dora needs an experienced owner who knows Border Collies so they can give her the training that she needs and understands her traits.  We will not home her with children under 15 Years of age but she walks well on a lead and is very eager to learn.






Charlotte (4)Charlotte has come to us after been at the stray kennels since March. She was picked up by the Animal Warden in the Etton area.  She is proving to be a lovely girl who likes to have her tummy tickled although at the moment she is a little over weight! Charlotte was abandoned with another male dog so we know that she is good with other dogs but unfortunately we do not know what she is like with children. She is a very loving little girl who we are sure will make a perfect companion.





Bailey (5)This rough coated Jack Russell has been with his present owners for 3 years, originally they bought him as a 1 year old from someone who’d just had a baby.  They are struggling to cope as the owner is suffering a bad back, is off work and struggling financially.  He is well house trained, strong on a lead and not socialised with other dogs, he has no experience of cats, has lived with children of 6, 7 and 11 years although he is not keen on the younger child’s friends when they visit, hence we will be looking for an adult household or at least one with older children.  Overall the dogs needs more attention than he is getting at the moment.





Quincy (4)Date of Birth 08.02.2014.  Too lively for her owner, Quincy is a lovely little girl and ok with other dogs she is good with their grandchild of 3 years.  Very quiet in kennels at the moment, just getting use to the new noisy surroundings, but she will soon come out of her shell.