Comet (22)croppedComet has been with us for over two years now. Originally brought to us because he was dumped at the vets with serious face injuries. Comet went through two big operations on his face due to his injuries and despite the pain he was in he was quite the gentle giant with the vets and veterinary nurses. Comet walks well on his harness and the volunteers here don’t have any problems with him. Comet cannot be homed with cats or small animals because of his working background but possibly with a family with children ages 14+. Comet isn’t asking for a lot, just someone who has the time to give him nice long walks, a warm home with a big comfy bed and lots of love and cuddles. Comet has waited long enough for someone to give him a chance and to finally get a nice home.


Kodak is a lovely girl and very affectionate. She walks well on a lead, is good with the other dogs and has come on leaps and bounds since starting the training lessons. Kodak is fun to be around and loves playing with the toys in the runs.  She is currently working her way towards the bronze award in kennel club

  • Learning to walk at heel
    Sit and Stay
    Basic commands
    Greeting other dogs
    Health check by a stranger


Arnie has come to us through the stray system so we don’t know a lot about his background. Arnie has been a pleasure to have here at the kennels; he is a gentle giant and is such a lovely boy.  He walks lovely on the lead and is never any bother. Arnie loves to be around people and enjoys lots of kisses and cuddles. He has been great with the other dogs here at the kennels but can’t be homed with cats or small animals. Arnie has lots of energy for his age and loves playing in the paddock. Arnie will make such a wonderful companion to have and his new owner would be very lucky to have him.


Eppie has come to us through the stray system so we don’t know a lot about his background. He is such a lovely boy and has been a pleasure to have here at the centre. He is a very laid back dog who loves his bed so a nice big comfy bed would be great for Eppie. He is very friendly and loves having kisses and cuddles and walks very well on the lead. Eppie can’t be homed with cats or small animals but he is great with other dogs.


Alfie has come to us because he wasn’t getting on with the other dog that he was living with. Alfie is a lovely dog, he is very affectionate and loves to have lots of kisses and cuddles. Alfie is best as an only dog


Marley was living with a female dog but they found he was too bossy with her, perhaps best as an only dog.  Great with people


Owners are full time carers and have no time for this friendly girl.  She is strong on a lead but can be managed walking on a halti. Amber is good with children and other dogs and is very caring. She will make someone a wonderful companion.


Winstons owners could not keep him because their garden was not secure and he kept escaping. He has come to us to find a new home and we have found him to be a lovely boy. Winston has no experience of children but he is good with other dogs. He is a very friendly nice boy.


Jack is our dog returned after many years in his new home.  Unfortunately Jack’s owner has gone into residential care and the family are not in a position to take Jack on.  Although he is 14 years old he is lively, inquisitive and a very good walker and he’s good with other dogs



Sadly Tom’s owner has died, he is currently staying at the daughters house but as they work full time, Tom is left on his own too much and they feel he would be better off with someone who give him more time.  Here’s what they say about Tom:

“He’s a lovely little dog who’s been a lapdog since my mum got him. He’s nine years old but he’s very lively and loves going for walks, although he does have a tendency to bark a lot at other dogs but he’s an intelligent little dog and I’m sure with some gentle but firm handling he could be trained not to do that.

At the moment he’s a bit morose because he’s obviously very confused and is missing his owner but he’s slowly coming out of himself and seems to be adapting to his new circumstances”

Please note Tom is not at our centre for viewing, in the first instance please ring 01482 842603.  You will get the answer machine but leave your details and we will get back to you.  Thank you.