Could you be the right home for Russell?



The first time I met Russell was on a Saturday afternoon, he’d been handed in by his previous owner just three days earlier. He was in a kennel we call Mark Hardy 3 and what a lovely attractive little dog I thought he was. He must be below knee height and can’t weigh more than 6 kilos, about 1 stone in old money, a Lakeland Terrier, only 9 months old born 25th May 2014


His previous owners said he was too lively for their 8-year-old son and jumped up too much


I did think ‘he seems to have a bit of a funny back end’ but proceeded to take him out into a large play area where this happy little dog ran round seemingly without a care in the world.


What a sweetie


Others too noticed his strange stance and in due course he went to our vet for investigation.


The news from the vet was not good, his spine is curved and there isn’t anything to be done.


Our job now is to find him a quiet home, not too quiet, without children to hassle him but the truth is that we do not know how long this little dog will be pain-free. Any medication will be paid for by the trust.


Certainly at the moment he is a happy little chappie with plenty of energy, he enjoys his walks and is seemingly a ‘normal’ dog.


The truth of the matter is we do not know how long this will last but we are hoping that, out there, there is someone willing to give Russell a chance.


If you could be Russell’s saviour and you would like to talk it over either give Amy a ring at the centre 01430 423986 or call Sue 01482 842603, this will be an answer machine but please leave details and we will return your call

Russell enjoys a run-about

Russell enjoys a run-about

Russell (6)




Charlie is in his own home and his owner, who can no longer give him the time he needs, wants him re-homed from there.  Charlie would be best suited to a home where someone is there for most of the day.  If interested please ring 01482 842603.  It will be an answer machine but please leave your details and we will get back to you.




Edith is looking for a new home because her owner is no longer able to care for her. He signed her over to find a new home as he knew that was best. She is a very loving girl who has lived with another bitch although she was a little to dominant with her, so an ideal home would be as an only dog or with a male. She walks really well on her lead and loves her kisses.Edith (2)



Alfie has come to us because he wasn’t getting on with the other dog that he was living with. Alfie is a lovely dog, he is very affectionate and loves to have lots of kisses and cuddles. Despite being constantly overlooked Alfie remains a happy confident dog.  He will best as an only dogAlfie (3)roppedAlfie (21)



An 8-year-old Basset who has lived with drug-abusers for most of his life. However, they do not seem to have treated him badly and he was in very reasonable condition when we took him over. He does have a bit of an attitude and will need a strong, firm handler but he is good with dogs and seems ok with cats.  Indie is not at our centre in South Cave but with his foster carer in Holme on Spalding Moor.  Please contact Lesley on 01430 860472



A stray collected by the Animal Warden from Bridlington, served his time in council care but still unclaimed, now friendly Tyson is looking for a new home.Tyson (11)  Born 6th July 2011