Finlay (1)Finlay has lost his home as he is fighting with the other male dog in the home.  He has lived with children of 6 and 9 years.  He has no experience of cats





Poppy (4)Owners moved to accommodation where dogs are not allowed.  Very friendly girl, has lived with 4 children aged 4 – 12 years.  We are informed she is good with other dogs but not with cats.  Perhaps mention here although she is described a Yorkie x – she is much larger than a Yorkire – a medium size dog





Tia (1)Don’t think Tia’s had a good life so far, her owner didn’t want her and passed her on to a friend who kept her for two weeks, she couldn’t cope, never took her out so she didn’t know what she was like with other dogs, Tia didn’t even have a lead.  She good around children but fussy, the youngest child was 5 years.  The owner doesn’t know why the original owner didn’t want her any more.  Didn’t know her age.  Tia walks quite well on her harness





Honey headHoney was a Romanian street dog and has been through so much in her short life. Luckily for her she has been brought to the Hull area for re homing All the necessary checks have been done and Honey is now ready to take the next step in her life – to find a loving forever home.



She is very friendly with other dogs of all shapes and sizes. She is clean in the house.



She is still very unsure when meeting new people but very loving when her trust has been gained.



She’s not comfortable around children but never aggressive but not trustworthy with cats.



She will need extra care when taken to her new home as she is very likely to take flight if she’s frightened so she will need to be kept away from open doors and will need to be supervised when in the garden until she’s settled in She will need an experience dog owner rather than a ‘first timer’



With plenty of tender loving care she will be a pleasure to own.



Honey is not at our centre, she is in private foster care in the Hull area, if interested or want more information please ring Sue on 01482 842603. It will be the answer machine but please leave your details and we will get back to you.



Honey is a trifle camera shy hence the ‘ears back’ shot of her head!





Debbie (1)Just arrived today (1st Feb) Came in via the animal warden.  Seems to have settled, maybe a bit boisterous, could need some training, an unclaimed stray from the Swinefleet area.





Bernadette (4)Owner cannot look after her, she’s been in boarding since August 2015, just waiting for someone to make their minds up.  She’s only just arrived today (1st Feb) lets hope she’s soon in a home of her own again.  She seems a steady quiet friendly dog.




Originally found tied by a chain in Burswick, loves toys and playing, looking for an experienced owner, no children


Oscar (1)





Charlie (7)Partner moved back to Portugal and new land lord won’t allow dogs on his property, so Charlie was booked in at the vets to be put to sleep.  Has lived with children primary school age, no cats, can be strong on a lead if he wants to be.