Crystal (2)Owner very upset at having to let go of Crystal due to failing health.  Although a confident dog Crystal has not had much experience of the outside world due to owners inability to take Crystal out much.  She is an extremely friendly fussy dog, good with other dogs and children over the age of 6 years





Zyta (5)Sadly Zyla’s owner has died, Zyla is very affectionate and loves to have cuddles and pats although she has little experience of either children or cats.





Patch (2)Born 1st November 2013.  Owner in the army and he has split with his partner leaving Patch with no-one to look after him.  Patch has no experience of children and we would prefer a home for him where there aren’t any. Perhaps an experienced B.C. owner for Patch. He is an intelligent dog who needs a lot of brain stimulation as well as exercise, we have found him a little nervous of other dogs but think once he gains his confidence he will be ok.





Milo lightenedAlthough Milo lived with children and was fine with them he did not like their visiting friends.  We will not be homing Milo with children but he is good with other dogs and walks really well on a lead making this chap very easy to exercise.

Bassets need homes


The Basset Hounds are not at our centre but with Lesley, a dog trainer and Basset Hound rescuer in Holme on Spalding Moor.  If you are interested please phone Lesley direct on 01430 860472.



Lesleys BassettsMabel and Dennis: Mabel is 4 years and Dennis is 5 years; they have been together since pups. Mabel is very shy but shows no aggression at all; Dennis is very confident but has a cherry eye which has been surgically treated. They are both extremely nice dogs with lovely characters. Mabel and Dennis are both tricoloured. Both will make lovely additions for a new family.





Penny: 10 months old, tricolour. Extremely confident and typical Basset in that you ask her to go one way and she always goes the other way! She is to be neutered in the near future as she has just been in season.Penny













Lola LeroyLeroy and Lola: Brother and sister. 3 years old; Lola is red and white; Leroy is tricolour but predominantly black and white. Lola is a nervous dog but with no aggression; Leroy is extremely confident. Both are lovely dogs and will make really good members of a new family








Comet (6)Comet (10)Comet has been with us for nearly three years now. Originally brought to us because he was dumped at the vets with serious face injuries.  The vet estimated his age as being 4 at the time.  He went through two big operations on his face due to his injuries and despite the pain he was in he was quite the gentle giant with the vets and veterinary nurses. Comet walks well on his harness and the volunteers here don’t have any problems with him. He cannot be homed with cats or small animals because of his working background but possibly with a family with children ages 14+. He isn’t asking for a lot, just someone who has the time to give him nice long walks, a warm home with a big comfy bed and lots of love and cuddles. Comet has waited long enough for someone to give him a chance and to finally get a nice home.






Maggie (6)Maggie (6)


Maggie is our dog returned, she went out January this year but proved too much for the male dog she was living with. Maggie is very affectionate and would benefit from some training. We would not rule out homing her with another dog.  Maggie’s favorite is playing ball


Lou Lou





Lulu (2)Lulu (5)Lou Lou came to us through the stray system. We have found her to be a wonderful cuddly girl who adores people. She is well behaved with some dogs but not all although she walks very well on her harness. We do not know what experience Lou Lou has with children so therefore we will not home her with children under 12 years.





Titch (1)Transferred to us from another local boarding kennel as owner unable to claim him, this young dog is both friendly and lively and is good with other dogs. He is in need of some training but he is only young so will learn quickly.





Born 4th June 2012, Toby is used to children 4 years plus.  To look at him you would think he was a pedigree ESS, there’s no sign of Labrador I can see.  He settled well immediately in kennels and is a friendly lively dog.   Was re-homed before I had chance to take his photo.