Not house trained yet, chews when left but super with children of all ages but not good with other dogs.  This little  dog needs some basic training, we find him lovely in kennels.



Patch (6)





Owner moving and cannot take Roxy, good with children of all ages, ok some dogs, not good cats



Roxy (5)

Georgia and Lovely




Georgia (1)A mum and daughter pair now split and can be re-homed separately.  Unwanted due to barking when left and neighbours complained.  There were three dogs in the house, the dad (who is still in the home) Georgia is mum and Lovely is their daughter.  All un neutered.  Obviously they have both lived with a male dog, a 16 year old and we are advised they are good with visiting children of 3 and 4 years.  No experience of cats

Mum is brindle and 3 years, daughter white and 2 yearsGeorgia (3)Lovely (4)






Osca (6)Remember Lola our Dog de Bordeaux x English Mastiff that went out a couple of weeks ago, this is her sibling, Osca.  Owner working long hours, has lived with a 2 year old.  Quite nervous at the moment having just arrived but should soon settle.  He was used to living with Lola and seems to miss her, perhaps good with a female for company?





Dan (2)An unclaimed stray from the dog warden, from the Goole area.  Dan has been with us a while although only recently up for re-homing as he came in with a back injury (now healed).  Perhaps an experienced terrier owner for this little hot head!


Rex has come into us after the local authorities took him off his previous owner because he was not caring for him the way he should. Rex has had a severe flea allergy and was very under weight when he arrived but since  he has received the right care he has gained weight and has new hair growth. He is a placid boy who has lived with 2 other dogs, children of secondary school age and cats. We are looking for a home who can give him the care he deserves and also carry on the treatment he needs for his skin and ears. We of course will cover the vet costs for this.


Rex (5)






This 3 month old puppy has lost his home due to family bereavement. He is full of mischief but loves a cuddle. Please note he is currently being fostered in a private home. If interested, in the first instance, please ring the centre direct on 01430 423986 any day but before 3pm. Thank you.








Sisco (7)Sisco came to us after staying at the stray kennels, he was unclaimed by his owner. Through his chip details we have been able to trace his history and discovered that this poor lad has had several homes in his short life, one of which was abusive. He is a large boy who has been working hard learning new training skills and now walks really well on his lead. We will not home Sisco with children, but he is good with other dogs who can tolerate a full on boisterous boy.





Rocky (3)A stray from the Animal Warden, his owner was traced but they didn’t want him back.  He seems a friendly steady boy.





Bluff (1)Born 2nd February 2011, Bluff has lost his home after a relationship breakdown.  He is good with other dogs and has lived with a 3 year old child.  He gets very distressed whenever you try and bathe him