Bernard and Bianca




Bernard Biana (2)Bernard Biana (7)A brother and sister pair that we want to home together.  Bernard is the brindle.  Both owners are working long hours and the pair are left too long.  They pull on the lead, have lived with adults only although they are good with visiting family children of 7 to 12 years.  No experience of cats, the male barks at other male dogs, good to groom, house trained.

Mia and Pippa




Mia Pippa (6)This sister pair, 3 years old next September, are to be re homed together.  Their owner is 84 yearold and in poor health.  They have never been walked and have only ever lived with the one elderly owner although they were visited by the 8 year old great grand daughter and they seemed fine.  They are well behaved in a car, no health problems, have lived in a bungalow so stairs are a mystery to them.  After a sheltered upbringing they are quite nervous here with us but should settle soon.




Rebel (6)This handsome hound is 2 years old next August, after a relationship split his owner works full time and this large dog was living in a crate.  He has never been walked, he is big bouncy and good natured.  Has lived with an adult and 3 children of 6, 2 years and a baby although we believe he is too boisterous for young children and will definitely be looking to re home him with adults with, maybe, older children.  House trained, no health problems, travels ok in a car maybe cries a little.





Simba (6)Simba was bought off Gumtree by a man living on a caravan site.  He was unwanted by the original owner as he is too big and boisterous for their children.  On arrival at the caravan site Simba was refused entry by the owner and so he found himself at the stray kennels at Leconfield.  He was passed to us for rehoming by the stray kennels.  His original family consisted of two adults a toddler and a baby but this very large dog was just too boisterous.  He is very good natured but needs some training and some manners, this shouldn’t be too difficult as he is an intelligent dog.  House trained no health problems



Suzie (3)Suzie (1)Owner moving and cannot take.  Although Suzie came in with and had lived with another dog we belive she is not good with strange dogs.  Very people friendly.  Suzie is portly and would benefit from losing a few kilos whilst building up her exercise regime








Bobby (4)Bobby (5)This is a small to medium terrier cross, not good with children, a bit urgent when first out walking but soon settles once he’s out.  Has lived with two cats which he ignores, gets on fine with mother and brothers dog but not good with strange dogs. Nervous when out on a lead. Fine in a car, muzzled at vets, no health problems.





CJ (5)



CJ (1)CJCJ’s owner are no longer able to care for him, he is not keen on being left for too long, is good on command, walks well on a lead and is food orientated.  Playful and boisterous.





Koda was Zeus (1)Our dog, rehomed last February, returned due to change of circumstance.  Change of job and on occasion working away from home.  Lived with one adult with a child visiting every other weekend.  Koda was really good with the 5 years old.  Pulls on lead, reactive with other dogs especially males.  Travels well in car up to about 45 miles and then becomes travel sick.  He loved being groomed, house trained, no health problems, he likes a routine in his life.  Koda, a cross breed, looks very ‘Akita-ish’ but is much smaller



Bridie (11)


Bridie (5)Owner died.  She’s lived with a male dog. got on most of time, occasional tiff.  No cats, no experience of children, loves fusses, not use to toys, not destructive.  She is a large strong dog.





Barkley (1)Barkley has lost his home as he is not getting on too well with the other four dogs in the house.   As well as the adults in the home there are two children 8 and 14 years who he adored but due to due to his boisterous nature we think he is not suited to small children, 12 plus would be more suitable. A further consideration is the financial burden of keeping a bull dog, upkeep is generally high as is the cost of insuring this breed.  He is ok with dogs outside the home although we will be looking to re home him as an only dog.  Travels well in a car and is house trained.



We will be looking for a home with experience of this breed of dog or, at least, someone who has done extensive research of the breed.