Poor Gizmo has lost his home because his owner has died. He had no relatives that could take him so Social Services had to send him to the dog warden. He is quite down in the dumps at the moment as he has been through quite an ordeal but we are hoping with some tlc he will start to come round. Gizmo is good with other dogs and quite laid back, he walks well on his lead but we do not know what he is like with children.

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Honey has come into us from the stray kennels so we do not have any information about her past. We have found her to be very bouncy but walks reasonably well on her lead. Honey may of been a working lurcher so we will not home her with cats or small animals.

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Reg is an adorable young pup who is looking for a new home because his previous owner was unable to cope with him. He is toilet trained and lets us know when he needs to wee! He is full of fun but does need some training although he is eager to learn. He will make someone a wonderful companion.

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Juke is looking for a home with someone who has experience with French Bull Dogs and has no children including ones who may visit the home. He is a little nervous when you first meet him but soon comes out of his shell and shows his true cheeky character. He is good with other dogs and walks well on his harness.



Flower has come to us after spending her allocated time at the stray kennels. She has not been claimed by her owners so is now looking for a forever home. She has not had any training so needs an experienced owner who can teach her how to behave. She is very boisterous and full of mischief but is young enough to learn and will blossom into a lovely girl.

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Fraser is a nice friendly boy who has come to us from the dog wardens. We have found him to be nice with other dogs when he meets them out walking and has come across quite placid. We have no back ground on Fraser so we do not know what he is like with children.

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Blue is looking for an experienced home as he needs some training. His owners where an older couple who did not realise the activeness of this type of breed and could not cope with him. Blue is use to visiting children from 11 years old but we would not home him in a home with small children due his boisterous behavior. He is willing to please and so will enjoy someone training him and he is good with other dogs.



Poppy has lost her home because her owners are moving and cannot take her with them. She is a nice girl who is a little shy when she first meets you but soon comes out of her shell. She is good with children from 1 year old but can pull a little on the lead.




Bonnie is looking for a new home because her owner does not want her any more. This poor girl has been used for breeding in the past, more than once and has lived outside in all weathers. She really deserves a loving warm home were she will receive the care and attention she needs. Bonnie does not like other dogs so she must go to a home with no dogs or other pets. She is however use to visiting children but would not like to live with one.




Poor Edith has been returned to us because her owners all now work full time and are unable to exercise her. She is a beautiful girl who has lived with another male dog and is good with visiting children from 4 years upwards. It is sad to see Edith back with us through no fault of her own but we hope she will find a  home soon.