Large dog.  Tarquin is looking for a new home because he is an unclaimed stray (Goole area).   He is good with other dogs of his own type and walks well on his lead. We do not have any past history on Tarquin so we do not know what he is like with children.  Photo taken when he’d just arrived back from the vets after being neutered.





kiya-3resKiya has lived with a man who has ill health and has had to fend for herself most of the time. She has some bad habits in the house that needs correcting and so we are looking for an experienced person to adopt Kiya. We have been informed she is better with older children and does not mind other dogs but to find out more about her we advise you to call us and speak to a member of staff.





daisy-7Tiny  Dog.  Daisy has come into us because she was bullying the older dog she lived with so we are looking to home her as an only dog. She is a real sweetie, walks well on a lead and likes to sit on your lap. Daisy is a bit of an escape artist.





jacko-1Very small dog.  Jacko is with us as he is an unclaimed stray (not this area). He is friendly but is good at escaping and climbing so any new owner must be conscious of his whereabouts at all times. Because we have no history on him we do not know what he is like with children and would not home him any under the age of 10 years.  Seems very friendly





dora-1Large dog.  Dora was bought off the internet last week by a lady who had a small child but unfortunately Dora did not like the little girl so she has come into us to be rehomed. We have found her to be nice with other dogs but would not home her with small children or small animals. Hates cats





Puppy.  lucy-2Lucy was unwanted by her owners (Brid area) and signed over to the dog warden. She is an absolute sweetie but being a puppy she can be a little bit nippy so we would not want to home her with small children. She is not yet house trained but as a quick learner will make someone a wonderful companion.






lenny-3Large dog.  Lenny has come to us through the stray system (Walkington area) so we do not have any information about his past life. We have found him to be a nice boy who walks well on his lead and is good with other dogs of his own ilk.





mary-5mary-1Medium-sized Mary has come into us through the stray system so we have no information on her past. We have found her to be a real sweetie although she can be a little strong on her lead. She loves to play ball and can be boisterous





pixie-3Tiny dog.  This little girl is looking for a new home because her owner does not want her any more. We have found her to be a real sweetie, no trouble at all here in kennels but no small children for her





Owner cannot cope with Patch’s antics.  No children, he needs an experienced Border Collie owner as Patch has some typical Border traits. He is reactive to noise and reacts to it by trying to tell the noises off, this can sometimes come across as him been aggressive but he isn’t. Patch reacts to household noise like the telephone, the TV and some kitchen appliances so this is why we need an experienced home for him. In his kennel he’s a bit obsessed by his toys but once out in our paddock he’s excellent and plays well at throw and fetch.  With the right training and home he will make a fantastic dog. Although Patch is good with other dogs when he meets them out walking we would not put him in a home to live with other dogs.  Please Note: Patch is in a foster home in Holme on Spalding Moor, if interested, in the first instance either drop us an email or ring the centre direct on 01430 423986Patch (9)