Age: 2 Years
Colour: Tabby
Sex: Male
Arrived: 8 Sep 2017




Bertie is not at our centre in South Cave he is currently being fostered privately in a home in Cottingham.  If interested or require more information please ring Jenny on 01482 846106  If you get the answer machine please leave your details and Jenny will get back to you as soon as possible.Thank you.




Bertie (2)Bertie is a 2 year old tabby cat with perfect markings. His owner had arranged a private rehoming due to her moving abroad. However the owner was let down 3 days before departure.  Bertie is very affectionate once he is confident in the person caring for him. He would be more suited to an experienced cat owner (with any children over 12 years old) who could guide him through that transition. He appears to tolerate dogs of a calm nature who are cat friendly (and quite likes ‘Bryn’ our 16 year old x collie).  To date Bertie has been a house cat so would be content in this situation, but in a semi rural/rural area he would enjoy the outdoors.

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