Rosie (2)Allergy suffer in the family and Rosie has lost her home.   Good with children and other cats, goes into carrier well but not good at the vets.  No experience of dogs.  Dosn’t like being pick up.  House cat.





The four year old is frightened of Dash.   Good at vets, good to groom, handle etc.  No health issues

Sugar and Ariel




Sugar Ariel (4)Sugar 3 years old white and black.  Ariel 2 years old black and white,  Both females.  Lost their home a the 7 month old son has allergies.  Has lived with adults, a five year old and the 7 month old child.  they are good around children but don’t like  dogs although ok with other cats.  No health issues.

Kate and Cindy




Kate Cindy (8)Owner died.  House Cats.  Kate the mum of Cindy, black, 3 years old, likes fusses, ok with the grandchildren.  Cindy, shyer than mum 2 years old black and white, long haired.





PoppetElderly owner can’t manage anymore.  No experience of children and hissed when she saw our centre cat, Trevor.  Must be an only cat





This is one of our cats returned because the owner is moving and doesn’t want to take him along.  He is used to adult company and not keen on being around children.  Likes fusses but not sitting on knee.  No health problems